There aren’t a lot of restaurants in Munnar and those which exist mostly serve Indian cuisine.

There aren’t a lot of restaurants in Munnar and those which exist predominantly serve South Indian cuisine and target the budget traveller as well as families. For those travellers looking for up-market options, these are harder to find.

Most of the South Indian cuisine revolves around breakfast snacks and cheap meals such as idlis, vadas and idiappams. These can be found any and everywhere in Munnar from street stalls to restaurants and even at bus stations in remote towns. South and North Indian thalis are also quite popular with both locals and tourists alike and these can be found at most Munnar restaurants.

The main bazaar area in town is the best place to find most of the restaurants in Munnar. Several food stalls line the main street and most of them open early in the morning for breakfast and operate till late at night. Raspy Restaurant is one such restaurant located in the bazaar that cooks up some decent Indian dishes as well as International favourites such as Spanish omelettes and Israeli shakshuka (scrambled eggs with tomatoes and spices). There are also some nicer restaurants that are located a few kilometres out of town. Royal Retreat is one of them located in the Kannan Devan Hills area. They are popular for some of their traditional Keralan dishes such as Alleppey fish curry.

If you’re craving something other than Indian, head to Eastend on Temple Road for some Chinese, otherwise you can try out some of the International dishes at Raspy.

Our pick for ‘Best restaurants in Munnar’ is Royal Retreat Munnar – located in the Kannan Devan Hills area. Located in the hotel of the same name, this longstanding favourite serves up some delicious Indian dishes; their Keralan seafood dishes are particular tasty. The atmosphere and décor here is more tasteful and aimed to please the Western clientele that dine here often.

Below is a list of some of the best restaurants in Munnar.


1. Royal Retreat Munnar

Located about 2 kms from the centre of town, Royal Retreat Munnar is one of the best restaurants in Munnar. This hotel-based restaurant is more upmarket and targets well heeled travellers. Within their multi-cuisine menu, the Keralan dishes are the pick of the bunch. If you like strong flavours and rich sauces, Royal Retreat Munnar is well worth a visit.


2. Eastend Munnar

Located on Temple Road in the hotel of the same name, Eastend Munnar is an upmarket restaurant with a multi-cuisine menu of both Indian (North and South Indian) as well as Chinese dishes. This smart restaurant has a nice decor and atmosphere to match their food. While they have an ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet, we were more interested in their Keralan fish specialties.


3. Surya Soma Restaurant Munnar

Great value Indian Food can be found at Surya Soma, one of the best Munnar restaurants we ate at. Enjoy western music, friendly staff while you tuck in to a great Chicken Roast or Fish Fry.


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