Set among some of the most picturesque tea plantations in India, Munnar offers tourists breathtaking scenery making it an irresistible place to visit.

Five hours uphill from Kochi, Munnar is chai central: a surreal rippling mosaic of yellow-green tea bushes and red dust roads stretching from valley deep to mountain high, with dark granite peaks pointing like fingers toward the bald grassy dome of South India’s highest mountain, Anaimudi.

The picturesque little town of Munnar sits at a height of about 1,600 m (5,906 ft), in a part of the Western Ghats known as High Ranges. The name Munnar (which means “Three rivers” in Tamil) is derived from its location at the confluence of three mountains slopes – Kundala, Mudrapura and Nallathanni.

Located on 653,000 ha (59,305 acres) of sprawling tea estates, first established by the British in 1878, Munnar was once a summer resort for the British Government in South India. The most important plantation in the High Ranges today belongs to Tata Tea, which oversees almost every public facility in the vicinity.

Opulent with unique species of flora and fauna, Munnar’s extensive stretch of tea plantations is surrounded by high mountains and unspoiled valleys. The undulating terrain of Munnar is covered with forests and grasslands while the scented cool air is filled with the aroma of spices. Some of the trees found in the region are teak, red sandalwood, rose wood, and jungle jack. Munnar is also a paradise for bird watchers as rare species of birds are found in abundance.

Cocooned in the State of Kerala, Munnar offers tourists breathtaking scenery amidst the thriving green tea plantations with the combination of valleys, streams, cliffs, bubbling brooks, exotic wildlife and clear trout streams making it an irresistible place to visit. It is the perfect destination for adventure enthusiasts, wildlife and nature lovers and couples. Because of this, the town and its environs have witnessed a proliferation of hotels, restaurants and shopping centres. However, areas further away from the city centre remain relatively unspoilt, and the gentle hills offer excellent cycle rides and walks.

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