Pushkar has a mystical charm that draws people to it like no other place. It is very different to any other city in Rajasthan and gets under your skin before you know it.

Pushkar is an important Hindu pilgrimage town and it is highly recommended for a devout Hindu to visit this holy place once in their lifetime. According to legend, Pushkar means ‘a pond created by a flower’. It is believed to have been formed when Brahma dropped a lotus flower on earth to determine a place for his yagna, a holy sacrifice. Pushkar is also home to one of the world’s few Brahma temples. With 52 bathing ghats surrounded by several hundred temples, it’s hard to walk around without hearing the puja (prayers) chants, drums and gongs, and devotional songs.

Separated from Ajmer by Nag Pahar (Snake Mountain), Pushkar lies in a narrow valley over- shadowed by rocky hills, which offer spectacular views of the desert at sunset. The lake at its heart, almost magically beautiful at dawn and dusk, is one of India’s most sacred. The village is transformed during the celebrated camel fair into a colourful week of heightened activity, but a visit outside this annual extravaganza is also worthwhile.


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