Head to the restaurants in Kolkata for the best Bengali food in India. Your taste buds will thank you for it later.

There is nothing like good Bengali food to satisfy the taste buds, and nowhere else in India will you get such delicious Bengali food than in the restaurants of Kolkata. There are plenty of restaurants in Kolkata ranging from budget eateries for the budget traveller to posh, upmarket restaurants that cater to the well heeled traveller. Kolkata has a lot of multi-cuisine restaurants that specialise in a variety of international cuisines in addition to Indian and Bengali food, so if you’re craving a particular cuisine it won’t be hard to find in Kolkata.

A visit to Kolkata is incomplete without trying out some of the Bengali specialty dishes in one of the Kolkata restaurants. Suitable to budget traveller who want good food at affordable prices, Sidheshwari Ashram serves truly excellent Bengali food at bargain local prices. Prince and Radhuni offer good Bengali food in a neater setting but less satisfying. These restaurants are located in the Sudder Street area in the northern central region of Kolkata.

If you’re after delicious Bengali food in a posh atmosphere, head to Kewpies or Oh! Calcutta on Elgin Road in the city centre. Set in an eclectic, upmarket atmosphere, both are sure to please for their first-rate Bengali food and suave ambiance although a tad pricey. In the Gariahat area, the many branches of Bhojohari Manna are great for genuine Bengali food at reasonable prices. Also 6, Ballygunge Place does lovely lunchtime Bengali buffets in a century-old mansion.

Some of the best restaurants in Kolkata are located on Park Street; most of them cater for multi-cuisine menus including Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. Bengalis love Chinese food and the Kolkata restaurants that specialise in Chinese dishes are worth dining at while in Kolkata. Try Peter Cat or Bar-B-Q on Park Street, while Mainland China in the city centre and Song Hay on Waterloo Street in the BBD Bagh area are two of the best Chinese restaurants in Kolkata.

Other dishes that are synonymous with Kolkata are the Kolkata Biryani and Kathi Rolls. For Kolkata Biryani, there are a few restaurant chains that specialise in Muslim food, particularly biryani. While Shiraz Restaurant on Park Street has been a popular restaurant in Kolkata for many years, Zeeshan and Arsalan serve better quality food. Kolkata’s Kathi Rolls are popular at road-side eateries so you can spot them at several places around Kolkata. Head down Park Street for some of the best Kathi Roll shops or Nizam’s Restaurant behind the Oberoi Grand which claims to be the place where the Kathi Roll was invented.

Bengalis love their food so it’s hard not to find a restaurant or road-side eatery every few metres. You will be spoilt for choice in this busy, metropolitan city so get on the food train and enjoy the gastronomical experience.

Our pick for ‘Best restaurants in Kolkata’ is Sidheshwari Ashram – located on Rani Rashmoni Road next to Sudder Street in northern central Kolkata. If you’re not fussed about décor or atmosphere and don’t mind sharing a table with strangers in this packed restaurant, then head here for the best traditional Bengali food at down-to-earth prices. With a list of dishes that never end, you can eat yourself under the table at this unpretentious restaurant in Kolkata.

Below is a list of some of the best restaurants in Kolkata. 


1. Sidheshwari Ashram Kolkata

Sidheshwari Ashram is a hidden gem in the Bengali restaurant scene in Kolkata. Located in the Sudder Street area, this tiny little first floor restaurant in Kolkata is packed with locals during lunchtime for their pre-prepared traditional Bengali dishes. Not only is the food delicious, the prices are ridiculously cheap that you can eat like a king here.


2. Azad Hind Dhaba Kolkata

For several years now, Azad Hind Dhaba has continued to provide delicious Punjabi food to the people of Kolkata at its Ballygunge and Salt Lake premises. This chain of restaurants and dhabas (roadside eateries) provides fresh ingredients and mouth-watering dishes that aim to get patrons coming back for more. Due to this, Azad Hind Dhaba remains one of the best and most loved eateries in Kolkata.


3. Bhojohori Manna Kolkata

Bhojohori Manna Kolkata is one of the best places in southern Kolkata to try traditional Bengali-style food at its best. Aimed at the budget traveller, this restaurant is one of Kolkata’s best respected chains for genuine if pre-prepared Bengali food and is, therefore, visited by locals and tourists alike. Try their Ekdalia branch for some excellent Bengali specialties.


4. Golden Dragon Kolkata

Golden Dragon Kolkata is one of the many Chinese restaurants located on the famed Park Street. This restaurant has been around for decades and has been run by a Chinese family for generations. Golden Dragon serves superb, no frills Chinese food at reasonable rates.


5. Shiraz Restaurant Kolkata

Located on Park Street next to the South Park Street Cemetary, Shiraz Restaurant Kolkata used to be synonymous with Kolkata biryani in addition to serving other Muslim-style dishes. Today, the restaurant is a ghost of the past with hefty prices, small portions and low quality food. If you’re after Kolkata biryani there are better restaurant chains in Kolkata – Zeeshan on Syed Amir Ali Avenue in Park Street is one of them.


6. Haldiram Kolkata


7. Gangaur Restaurant Kolkata


8. Suruchi Restaurant Kolkata


9. Kolkata Kathi Rolls

Perhaps the most popular street food in Kolkata, Kolkata Kathi Rolls originated here but have become a favourite of people all over the world. Kathi rolls can be had as a snack; they also make for a great lunch or dinner option. So, next time you’re in Kolkata, head out for some Kolkata kathi rolls for a true culinary experience.


10. Kolkata Street Food

While street food is popular all over India, no city does street food as well or as varied as Kolkata (Calcutta). Kolkata street food is so popular with both young and old that it can be found around every street corner, particular in the city centre. If you are not used to eating street food, I would advice you to stay away from it. If you have a strong stomach, I wish you a wonderful gastronomical journey on the Kolkata street food train.


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