Kolkata has a tropical wet and dry climate so the best time to visit Kolkata is between the months of October and March.

  • Summer (March-May) is the hottest season with temperatures ranging between 30°C and 40°C. This is the worst time to visit Kolkata as the scorching sun makes it difficult to travel outdoors.
  • Winter (November to February) provides cool climate to the city with the temperature hovering around 9°C to 11°C. This is a good time to visit Kolkata as the weather is cool and occasional rainfall makes the evening very pleasant.
  • Monsoon (June to September) provides a major portion of the annual rainfall and heavy showers occur during this season. Though the weather is cool the humidity levels rise. This is also the time for the major celebration in Kolkata – Kali Puja (festival of Dussehra) spreading across 9 days of festivities and religious functions in October.

Kolkata is a beautiful cultural city which is best visited during the post monsoon and winter months. While summers are hot and uncomfortable, the monsoons are humid. Winter in Kolkata is mild and provides the best weather for enjoying outdoor travel.


Events & Festivals in Kolkata

It is worth scheduling a visit to Kolkata during one of their fairs or festivals that are held on a grand scale as the city is the most colourful and liveliest at this time. Be prepared for throngs of tourists, both local and foreigners, during this time.


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