Most of the restaurants in Aurangabad cater for a vegetarian menu.

Being an Indian city, most restaurants in Aurangabad cater to Indian vegetarian dishes. While it is possible to find non-vegetarian restaurants, the specialty of Aurangabad restaurants is vegetarian dishes. Unfortunately for western tourists, it is not easy to find restaurants that cater to multi-cuisine menus; it is rare to find pizzas, pastas and other International fare on an Aurangabad restaurant menu. However, Chinese food is always popular with some restaurants serving up delicious continental dishes.

Some of the best restaurants in Aurangabad are located along Station Road East which is north of the train station. If you’re unsure about where to eat, head to Station Road East and wander along the street to check out the dining options available. All hotels in Aurangabad have an in-house restaurant, however, most if not all will serve vegetarian-only dishes. Nevertheless, room service is a great option especially after a long and hectic day walking around the cave complexes of Ajanta and Ellora.

If you’re a die hard meat lover, there are some good non-vegetarian restaurants also located in Aurangabad. Perhaps the pick of the bunch is Tandoor Restaurant also located on Station Road East. As its name suggests, this antiquated restaurant specialises in tandoori dishes straight out of the tandoor oven. They also have some vegetarian tandoori options to mix things up.

Restaurants in Aurangabad are well priced and therefore suitable for both the budget traveller as well as travellers looking for mid-range options. There are more restaurant options suited to the budget traveller however there are also a select few restaurants that are more up-market and cater to the luxury traveller.

Our pick for ‘Best value restaurant in Aurangabad’ is Swad Restaurant – located along Station Road East inside the old city walls. If you’re not fussed about décor and ambiance, and want tasty Indian vegetarian dishes at affordable prices this is the place to visit. Their ‘all-you-can-eat’ Gujarati thali is the best deal in town.

Below is a list of popular restaurants in Aurangabad. 



1. Swad Restaurant Aurangabad


Swad Restaurant Aurangabad is a lovely vegetarian restaurant that serves up a fantastic range of Indian snacks and staples – plus a few pizzas, ice creams and shakes – in its prim and clean basement premises. Their specialty is Gujarati thali which is the primary reason to dine here. The variety, top quality and value makes this meal a winner.

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2. Tandoor Restaurant Aurangabad


Tandoor Restaurant Aurangabad is one of the top restaurants in Aurangabad. They specialise in North Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine; they serve some Chinese dishes as well. Their non-vegetarian tandoori dishes are the talk of the town.

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3. Kailash Restaurant Aurangabad


Located on busy Station Road, Kailash Restaurant Aurangabad is a simple, clean and friendly pure-vegetarian restaurant that serves up a variety of North Indian, South Indian as well as Chinese vegetarian dishes including a variety of snacks.

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