• Signature Dishes: Gujarati thali
  • Opening Times & Days: 10:00 am to 10:30 pm, daily
  • Address: Kanchan Chamber, Osmanpura, Near Kranti Chowk, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
  • Contact: 240 233 0947
  • Reservation: No

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Swad Restaurant Aurangabad is a lovely vegetarian restaurant that serves up a fantastic range of Indian snacks and staples – plus a few pizzas, ice creams and shakes – in its prim and clean basement premises. Their specialty is Gujarati thali which is the primary reason to dine here. The variety, top quality and value makes this meal a winner.

Swad Restaurant Aurangabad


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Swad Restaurant Aurangabad has come a long way since its formative years, and now offers a fantastic range of Indian snacks and staples – plus a few pizzas, ice creams and shakes – in its prim and clean basement premises.

The service at this restaurant was exceptional. There were several waiters who were bringing food to the tables. More waiters were just standing around waiting to service our every need. They were warm, friendly and very attentive. In fact, the manager of the restaurant took our photo with his polaroid camera, went out the back and returned with a copy of the photo as a souvenir of our dining experience at his restaurant. We were really touched by this gesture and loved the attention we got at this restaurant.

For our dinner Graham ordered a Pav Bhaji and I had the restaurant special, an ‘all-you-can-eat’ Gujarati thali.


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Pav Bhaji is a Maharashtrian fast food dish that originated from Mumbai cuisine. Pav means bread; Bhaji means vegetable dish. Pav bhaji consists of bhaji (a thick spicy potato-based curry) garnished with coriander, chopped onion, and a dash of lemon and lightly toasted pav. The pav is usually buttered on all sides.

The pav was indeed buttered on all sides and was more like Western bread in flavour and texture than most other Indian breads. The butter flavour made the bread really delicious; the bhaji had a good amount of tomato, garlic and spices combined with the potato-based curry which almost reminded us of an Italian-style sauce. When eating the pav bhaji it was nice to have the raw onions which  provided sharpness and bite to the overall dish.


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Gujarati Thali is an all-you-can-eat meal that consists of an endless train of Gujarati dishes that are constantly brought out by the waiters until you can’t eat anymore. A Gujarati thali consists of a mixture of savoury dishes that is very different to any other Indian cuisine.

All up, the Gujarati thali consisted of ghee rotis, khicheree, okra fry, chola curry, dal fry, paneer curry, potato curry, sweet kadi, dhokla, dahi vada and a sweet potato stuffed bread topped with ghee. There was an option to choose from three different desserts as well. I chose a white bod which was very sugary; there was gulab jamun and a variation of rasamalai.

All the dishes were really delicious especially the paneer curry and the okra fry. The best part about this thali is that I could request for more servings of the curries and portions that I liked. I ate so much that night that everyone in the restaurant was surprised at how much a small person like myself could eat.

For Rs 160, the Gujarati thali was the best value meal we had in India and one of the most satisfying. And that’s saying a lot for a vegetarian meal!

Swad Restaurant Aurangabad is a wonderful vegetarian restaurant that is worth checking out purely for their Gujarati thali. The all-you-can-eat option for such good food is simply amazing. The lovely service makes it all the more enjoyable to eat here.


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