• Signature Dishes: Tandoori
  • Opening Times & Days: 10:30 am to 3:30 pm (lunch); 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm (dinner), daily
  • Address: Shyam Chambers, Railway Station Road, Bansilal Nagar, MIDC, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
  • Contact: 98 90 958466
  • Reservation: Yes

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Tandoor Restaurant Aurangabad is one of the top restaurants in Aurangabad. They specialise in North Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine; they serve some Chinese dishes as well. Their non-vegetarian tandoori dishes are the talk of the town.

Tandoor Restaurant Aurangabad


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Of the finer restaurants in town, Tandoor Restaurant Aurangabad is one of the top restaurants in Aurangabad. Their specialty is North Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine with their non-vegetarian tandoori dishes being the standout. They also have a few Chinese options on their menu, however, patrons clearly prefer the dishes coming out of, well, the tandoor.

The decor at Tandoor Restaurant is quite ancient with checkered table cloths, bare brick walls and an old muted television set airing local cable tv in the corner. Nevertheless, the area is spacious with a lot of privacy between tables.


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Graham ordered a Sweet lime soda to start off.  The lime soda was served with the sugar syrup which allowed us to adjust the sweetness of the drink. This is a particularly refreshing drink especially after our long and hot day at Daulatabad Fort. It was one of the best sweet lime sodas we had during our trip in India.


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For our dinner, we ordered two mains – Tandoori murgh (chicken) and Mutton seekh kebab – which we had with Tandoori rotis.

The service at Tandoor Restaurant was a bit slow even though there were several waiting staff around. It took a while to be noticed and then served. They weren’t helpful, friendly or attentive. We didn’t feel like guests here but rather like intruders.


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Tandoori Murgh is the famous chicken dish from the Punjab region of northern India. The chicken is marinated in yogurt and seasoned with the spice mixture, tandoori masala. It is then skewered and quickly roasted in a fiery hot clay oven called a tandoor.

Tandoori chicken is best served with grilled onion slices, lemon wedges and onion chutney.

The best part of this dish was flavour of the chicken. When wrapped with onions and sprinkled with lime juice, it tasted really good and made a great evening meal. The chicken wasn’t dry but the marinade was lovely and made the dish stand out.


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Mutton Seekh Kebab is made from minced lamb or mutton meat.  The ground spiced meat is then molded onto the skewers and cooked over a tandoor.

The kebab came with fried onions, lime slices and a coriander-mint chutney.

This dish was a little on the dry side; however the chutney did the trick. The flavour was wonderful as the combination of the coriander and mint hit the spot. It gave the kebab a lot of flavour and moisture which was much needed. Once again, wrapped in fried onions, a sprinkle of lime juice and a dip of chutney made this dish really lovely.


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Tandoori rotis are a perfect accompaniment to the Tandoori chicken and the Mutton seekh kebab especially wrapped with fried onions, lime juice and chutney. The rotis were crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside and went really well with the two main dishes. They also provided some bulk to the evening meal.


In summary, Tandoor Restaurant Aurangabad is a lovely restaurant for their tandoori meals. However, they are a let down in terms of customer service and their decor needs a serious revamp. The prices are a bit steep for Indian standards but their main target market is western tourists which explains the prices.


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