Seafood is the order of the day at most of the restaurants in Varkala.

Most of the restaurants in Varkala are located along the cliff tops overlooking the beach. If not for the food, it is worth dining here simply for the stupendous views, cool breeze and fantastic atmosphere. Most of the restaurants are located on the South Cliff with some also situated on the North Cliff which is a bit more remote. The best way to choose a restaurant in Varkala is to take a walk along the cliff and check out which restaurant suits your budget and taste.

Due to their close proximity to the coast, most of the Varkala restaurants serve fresh seafood which is usually displayed outside the entrances. It is best to check the seafood for freshness and quality before deciding to which restaurant to dine at. One of the ways I like to test for high standards in a restaurant is to see how busy they are on the night. More clientele means that the restaurant is constantly turning over their seafood and that their food is actually good.

Due to the high tourist trade in Varkala, most Varkala restaurants cater to a mishmash of Indian, Asian and Western cuisines to suit every taste. While most restaurants cater for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, Oottupura Vegetarian Restaurant is one restaurant that serves vegetarian dishes only.

Most of the restaurants along the cliff tops of Varkala can be classified into the mid to high-end segments. If you’re looking for a budget restaurant, head to Sreepadman for some delicious Keralan thalis and masala dosas. If you don’t mind rubbing shoulders with rickshaw drivers, they serve great value thalis any time of the day.

Our pick for ‘Best restaurants in Varkala’ is Sky Lounge – located on the South Cliff. Due to its location, the restaurant has fabulous views of the ocean and beach below, but what sets them apart is the freshness of their seafood and delicious dishes they prepare. Their cocktails and mocktails are pretty good too.

Below is a list of some of the best restaurants in Varkala. 


1. Sky Lounge Varkala

Sky Lounge is one of the best restaurants in Varkala for several reasons. Apart from the stupendous views from the outdoor dining area, the delicious seafood cooked for you, and served by attentive staff in a great open air cliff top restaurant, what else could you want? Candles, Music, Cleanliness? Yes, yes, yes – at Sky Lounge.


2. Sreepadman Restaurant Varkala

Sreepadman is one of the best Varkala restaurants for budget travellers. Here you can enjoy an ‘all-you-can-eat’ South Indian vegetarian thali at a cheap price. If you’re looking for quality food, try elsewhere; however, if you want to save some money, have a thali.


3. Oottupura Vegetarian Restaurant Varkala

Oottupura is a vegetarian restaurant located on the South Cliff in Varkala. The only thing going for this Varkala restaurant is its location in front of the ocean and beach below. The ambiance is rather romantic with its candlelit tables, but if you’re after good food give this place a miss.


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