Being a Hindu pilgrimage town, every Pushkar restaurant is vegetarian and most cater to the backpacker crowd.

Pushkar is a very religious and strict place where marijuana, alcohol, meat and eggs are forbidden. While it might be possible to find marijuana and alcohol in the underground market, meat and eggs are harder to find. As a result, every Pushkar restaurant is strictly vegetarian.

Due to the large presence of foreigners in Pushkar, this town is largely geared towards western tourism and so are its restaurants. While its possible to find a restaurant that specialises in the cuisine of your choice, most Pushkar restaurants have a multi-cuisine menu to satisfy the palates of travellers from all over the world. From Indian dishes to pizzas and pastas, restaurants in Pushkar find innovative ways to make vegetarian dishes appetising. Most of the eateries are largely aimed at the backpacker taste and preference. However, it is possible to find Pushkar restaurants that are more upmarket and cater to fine dining or mid-range budgets.

Pushkar has plenty of atmospheric eateries with lake views that are worth visiting any time of the day or night but especially at sunrise and sunset. From rooftop restaurants to lake side eateries, there is plenty of choice to suit any pocket. The best place to find a restaurant in Pushkar is in the main market area where most of them are located. Food stalls dot the main long street where you can find anything from banana pancakes to Korean kimchi. Juice, coffee and cake shops abound in this area with the speciality being German bakeries. Many of the popular backpacker hotels also have rooftop restaurants with a wide selection of multi-cuisine dishes at affordable prices.

If you’re a die hard meat lover, consider taking a trip to Ajmer 11 km away where you can find several restaurants serving non-vegetarian dishes.

Our pick for ‘Best value Pushkar restaurant’ is Rooftop Hotel Everest Pushkar – the rooftop restaurant located at Hotel Everest.

Below are reviews for other top restaurants in Pushkar.



1. Rooftop Hotel Everest Puskhar


The rooftop restaurant at Hotel Everest Pushkar specialises in good quality, reasonable North Indian vegetarian dishes. Situated on a rooftop, the view over Pushkar city is quite spectacular. If you’re in Pushkar, look them up and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful dinner.

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2. Inn Seventh Heaven Pushkar


Sixth Sense is the rooftop restaurant at Inn Seventh Heaven in Pushkar. Specialising in North Indian vegetarian cuisine, it is the top choice for Lonely Planet. However, based on the food we ate at this restaurant, we were terribly disappointed, and we would not recommend this place to anyone. The redeeming feature of this restaurant is its ambiance which gives one a relaxing and chilled vibe. It’s worth coming here just to stay at the popular hotel.

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3. Best Pushkar Street Food


Samosas, kachoris, bhel puri and chole aloo tikki chaat were some of the best street food we had in Pushkar. The variety, cheap prices and all-day-long availability made it a great option for day time meals.

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4. Sonu Juice Shop Pushkar


If you’re in Pushkar, head to Sonu Juice Shop in the main bazaar area to find some of the best juices in town. Our favourite was banana, coconut and dates, which is the best juice we have ever had in our lives. If you’re not in the mood for a juice, they also have lassis, shakes and breakfast muesli.

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