• Signature Dishes: Juices
  • Opening Times & Days: 9am to 11pm, daily
  • Address: Main Market Road, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India
  • Contact: N/A
  • Reservation: No

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If you’re in Pushkar, head to Sonu Juice Shop in the main bazaar area to find some of the best juices in town. Our favourite was banana, coconut and dates, which is the best juice we have ever had in our lives. If you’re not in the mood for a juice, they also have lassis, shakes and breakfast muesli.

Sonu Juice Shop Pushkar


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We just happened to find Sonu Juice Shop while walking around the main Pushkar bazaar (market) the day we arrived in town. And what a find it was! They make the best juices in town, apart from lassis, shakes and breakfast muesli. Their menu consists of several pages of juice variations, ranging from plain and simple banana, mango, or pineapple juice, to more exotic combinations like walnut, dates and coconut.

The shop is small, with a few chairs surrounding the shop, however, it is clean and tidy. The decor is plain and simple, with a few signs in German, and framed pictures of Indian gods hanging from the walls. Occasionally, when the owner is in the shop, he likes to play some religious Indian music, which is relaxing and soulful.

Their service isn’t anything special or worth talking about. However, one day Graham got a bloody nose in the shop, and the manager gave us ice and napkins to help stop the bleeding.

There are three sizes available – regular, large and jumbo. The prices range from Rs 40 for a regular single fruit juice to Rs 120 for a jumbo combination juice.


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On our first day, we tried out two different juices. I had a papaya juice and Graham had a combination juice consisting of banana, coconut and dates. While the papaya juice was fresh and tasty, the banana, coconut and dates was simply amazing. It is the best juice I have ever had in my life.

The combination of banana, dates and coconut was superb and blended really well together. No ingredient was stinged on, and the flavours of coconut and date was as strong as the banana. Occasionally, we would come across a small piece of date in the juice which was a highlight. All the ingredients were fresh and were peeled in front of us. The quality of the dates was exceptional – fresh, juicy and full of flavour. The juice had natural coconut water rather than coconut essence (artificial flavour).

What we really liked about this shop is that they use mineral water for everything – in making the juices, shakes and lassi, as well as while washing the fruits.

We enjoyed their juices so much, we continued to have the same juice at this shop every day we stayed in Pushkar – three days in all. I’m going to attempt to replicate this juice when I get home.

Above is a picture of a jumbo banana, coconut and dates juice.


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