Jaipur is a wonderful city for tourists and a great starting spot for a holiday in Rajasthan and India. There are many attractions to visit in this charming city and sometimes it is hard to know where to start. We’ve hand-picked the top attractions in Jaipur and created several Jaipur sightseeing itineraries, so you can decide which itinerary is perfect for your holiday in Jaipur.

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Jaipur Sightseeing Itineraries

See below for 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day and 4-Day itineraries for Jaipur. Choose an itinerary that suits your travel needs.


Jaipur 1-Day Itinerary

If you only have 1 day in Jaipur, you need to be super selective and we have a great solution below:


Go to Amber Fort (Amer Fort) and feel like royalty by taking an elephant ride up to the gates. Amber Fort is huge and there is a good audio-guide or you could get a local guide here to show you around.





Have a late lunch either near the fort or on the road back to Jaipur.


Stop for some photos of the Jal Mahal (Water Palace) that you will drive past. This is being renovated into an exclusive restaurant & hopefully will be open soon.


Hawa Mahal in the central city is probably the pick of the 3 attractions in the area. If you are running ahead of schedule and can squeeze in another site, add Jantar Mantar if you like science or City Palace if you like seeing how the rulers lived.





Next stop out of town to the Monkey Temple. This is a unique experience for many visitors and make sure you keep your valuables safe. The Sun Temple is on the road to the Monkey Temple and is worth stopping by around sunset on your way back to the car / auto-rickshaw.




If you are an early riser or are quick with your visits, the best places to add are the City Palace and Jantar Mantar. These can be added during your day if you have time.



Jaipur 2-Day Itinerary

Day 1

Feel like Royalty by taking an elephant ride up to the gates of Amber Fort (Amer Fort). This is one of the best forts in India, more like a palace once you look around inside, this place is huge. We do recommend the audio-guide or you could try a local guide.





Stop for some photos of the Jal Mahal (Water Palace) that you will drive past. This is being renovated into an exclusive restaurant & hopefully will be open soon.


Have a leisurely lunch at Nahargarh Fort looking out over Jaipur. This palace is smaller than Amber Fort and less spectacular than other palaces in Jaipur but the view of Jaipur city below is spectacular.






Nearby Monkey Temple makes a great visit on the outskirts of Jaipur. This unique temple is well known for its many monkeys residing at the water tanks in the area. On your way back to the car, turn left to go up to the Sun Temple. Looking at the view at sunset can be truly rewarding.




Dinner: For budget conscious travelers there’s a great selection of restaurants in Jaipur; our pick is Peacock Restaurant.



Day 2

For your second day in Jaipur we’ve created a walking tour that will take you to most of the sites in the Old City of Jaipur. As you walk past the main inner city attractions, go inside and see the Hawa Mahal, City Palace & Jantar Mantar.

The tour will go through local markets and these are good places for shopping but do remember to bargain hard!


Hawa Mahal is the first building to visit on your walking tour. This palace was for the women, so there are plenty of ornamental screens for women to sit behind and lovely courtyards to enjoy intimate occasions in. This might be a smaller palace to the others, but it is one of the better places to visit in Rajasthan.




Jantar Mantar is an astronomical park, where you can go to see ancient / huge sundials & star charting instruments. Due to their size and the skill in designing these instruments, you can see how accurately they record both time and positions of astronomical bodies in the sky.





City Palace has some nice courtyards, a nice temple and an exhibition that are worth looking at. Not as grand as other Palaces that you can visit, is still worth a good look around. Sometimes courtyards that are very photogenic can be crowded by tour groups, we found waiting even 5 minutes can allow you to get some great photos.




Jaipur 3-Day Itinerary (Our Recommended Travel Time)

Day 1

Follow Day 2 of the 2-Day itinerary.



Day 2

Day 2 is less hectic than Day 1 allowing you to sleep in and have a late breakfast.


Today, we visit the crown jewel of your visit to Jaipur, which is the Amber Fort (Amer Fort). We recommend an elephant ride to get to the gates and either a guide or audio tour once inside the fort. Have lunch while at the Fort and continue looking around into the early afternoon.




From here, head back into town, past the Jal Mahal (Water Palace) for a quick photo.

Once in town, let the shopping commence. Jaipur is one of the best cities in Rajasthan for shopping. It receives a lot of tourists, keeping prices lower than other Rajasthani cities. Remember to ask for a better price than initially quoted, as some overseas visitors will pay the starting price which can be 5 times the local price. It can be difficult to get some merchants below 40% of initial price, see how you go!


In the evening, go on the Night Tour of Jaipur to see all the main Jaipur attractions lit up.









Day 3

This morning we visit some of the other attractions that Jaipur is well known for. Monkey Temple is a short trip to the edge of town. Remember to buy some peanuts for the monkeys and keep all valuables hidden. Monkeys like shiny objects, children and peanuts. Careful when one of the larger males are around and be respectful of the monkeys’ space. This is their temple.


Take the side trip up to the Sun Temple for the view but make sure you go right through to the Monkey Temple see both the male & female worshipping areas of this temple. This does involve a lot of steps from the Sun Temple; there is an alternative entrance to the Monkey Temple that will cost more to get to but has a lot less steps.


Head into town for lunch and then up to Nahargah Fort. This fort overlooks the city and has a few interesting rooms and courtyards of its own. The best part of this fort is its views of the Jaipur city below.








Jaipur 4-Day Itinerary

Since you have a bit more time in Jaipur, you can spread out your visit over multiple days and relax a bit instead of rushing around.


Day 1

Go on our walking tour of Jaipur. See the sites in the Old City on this day. You will probably be coming back to this area on Day 4 for shopping, so if you miss any of the attractions, you have the chance to see it at the end of your trip.

Follow Day 2 of the 2-Day itinerary.



Day 2

Spend the full day out at the Amber Fort (Amer Fort) before going on the Night tour of Jaipur. To get to Amber Fort, you can take a crowded bus from near the Hawa Mahal, (ask the bus drivers which bus takes you there) OR get a private car to drive you there.

Follow Day 2 of the 3-Day Itinerary.



Day 3

Today, you will visit the Monkey Temple and Nahargarh Fort. Both require private transport, either take an auto rickshaw OR a private car depending on your comfort level and the length of your walk to the temple. You will require to walk a longer distance to the Monkey Temple if you take an auto rickshaw.

Follow Day 3 of the 3-Day Itinerary.



Day 4

Spend your last day in Jaipur shopping both in the Old City and in many of the larger craft manufacturing stores around town. These larger stores can be reached with many different tour companies. Please be aware that they may expect you to buy from these larger stores during the tours, even during private tours. These stores generally sell higher quality products than at the local markets, however, expect to pay premium prices too.




Tell us what you think. How many days are you planning to spend in Jaipur? If you’ve been to Jaipur before, how many days did you spend there? How many days would you recommend for a visit to Jaipur?
We love to hear from you so please leave your comments below.  



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