Most restaurants in Jaipur specialise in dishing out some of the best Rajasthani cuisine in the state. Dishes like lal maans (mutton in red sauce) and dal batti churma are typical Rajasthani dishes that must be sampled at a reputable Jaipur restaurant.

Apart from Rajasthani cuisine, most restaurants in Jaipur also specialise in North Indian food including the popular tandoori dishes from Punjab. North Indian cuisine is one of the most popular Indian cuisines both in India as well as worldwide due to the flavours imparted to the dishes from the marinades and sauces. It is also common to find a multi-cuisine Jaipur restaurant whose menu is dedicated to Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines. The wide range of choices makes this a popular dining option.

While not a part of any Jaipur restaurant, the street food scene in Jaipur is one of the best in India. A visit to the old city is not complete without sampling some of the best and finest street food on display along the busy streets. Be careful as the hygiene standards of these street food sellers leave little to be desired, and it is easy to get an upset stomach if you are not used to unhygienic Indian food. If you can stomach it, some of the most mouth-watering food in Jaipur can be bought on the street at very reasonable prices. From snacks to main lunch meals, drinks to sweets, there is something to fill your stomach at any time of the day or night.

MI Road, especially around Panch Batti, is a popular area to find a range of restaurants in Jaipur, from budget to high-end. Another popular location to find a reputable Jaipur restaurant is in the old city between Ajmeri and Sanganeri Gate, and in Johari Bazaar. Some of the popular hotels like Hotel Pearl Palace have rooftop restaurants that offer multi-cuisine menus and serve good quality food in a lovely rooftop atmosphere.

Our pick for ‘Best value restaurant in Jaipur’ is Peacock Rooftop Restaurant – the rooftop restaurant located at Hotel Pearl Palace.

Below are reviews for some of the best Jaipur restaurants.



1. Peacock Restaurant Jaipur


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Peacock Restaurant Jaipur is located on the rooftop of Hotel Pearl Palace in Jaipur. It serves Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine, however it’s specialty is definitely Indian, especially tandoor dishes. The dishes are cooked with the best of ingredients, and the sauces give the meals an extra dimension. In addition to the mouth-watering food, the rooftop views, the garden setting and the option of either dining in a lively atmosphere or eating in a more private dining space give this restaurant an edge over the other restaurants in Jaipur. This is one restaurant everyone must try out during their visit in Jaipur.

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2. Old Take Away Jaipur Kebab Shop


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If you’re after the best chicken kebabs in Jaipur and don’t mind rubbing shoulders with rickshaw drivers and local Indians, head down to Old Take-Away on MI Road for some lip-smacking Indian kebabs. Don’t expect much else, as you will be sitting on makeshift tables and chairs in the middle of nowhere chowing down on some of the best tandoor dishes this place has to offer. Once the food arrives, you will forget where you are, as the smell and taste of the kebabs will take over your senses.

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3. Niros Restaurant Jaipur


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A multi-cuisine restaurant in Jaipur, Niros Restaurant is over rated by many standards. ‘Bland’, ‘insipid’ and ‘tasteless’ are the words that come to mind when I think about the food we ate here. To make matters worse, they charge exorbitant prices for their dishes and then add a hefty tax on top of it. The redeeming features of this restaurant are its friendly, attentive waiters, and the atmosphere here makes you feel like you’re eating at a top-class restaurant. However, the quality of the food is what we primarily look for when we eat at a restaurant, and this one failed completely with its unappetising dishes.

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4. Best Jaipur Street Food Options


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While street food in India is cheap, abundant and delicious, it is not the most hygienic option for food. If you can eat street food without getting sick, then you have to try some of the Jaipur street food options found in the Old City. From drinks to snacks, and meals to desserts, there is so much to choose from that you would wish you had more time in Jaipur to try them out.

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5. Jaipur Lassi


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There are several Lassiwala shops in Jaipur, so it’s hard to know which one is the best. Honestly, I think that they all make a really great glass of lassi, so it doesn’t matter which one you go to. My favourite Lassiwala shop is located on Johari Bazar Road, between MI Road and Tripolia Bazar Road. However, the original one is on MI Road, opposite Niros Restaurant, called Shop 312.

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