Most of the restaurants in Alleppey are located on YMCA Road in the centre of town and Beach Road, about 2 kms away.

If you’re staying in town and wondering where to have lunch or dinner, most of the restaurants in Alleppey are located on YMCA Road in the centre of town; some Alleppey restaurants are also located on Beach Road, about 2 kms out of town.

The restaurants on YMCA Road are aimed at budget conscious travellers and tend to have a menu catering to Indian cuisine. These are some of the best restaurants in Alleppey and worth a try for their traditional Keralan dishes. Thaff and Royale Park Hotel are a couple of great restaurants here.

If you’re in the mood for a multi-cuisine fare, so you can have a mix of Indian and European dishes, for example, head to Beach Road where more of the restaurants cater to the tastebuds of Western tourists. These are more upmarket establishments so expect the décor/atmosphere to be much nicer and the prices to be steeper. With rooftop views over the beach, one cannot argue for a nicer setting.

Most tourists head to Alleppey to cruise the waterways of Kerala in a houseboat. What to expect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you might ask? Traditional Keralan food is on the menu with a selection of vegetarian dishes and fried fish or chicken curry to pick from. If you’re fussy, you can request for certain dishes of your choice, and you can also ask to be taken to one of the shops along the waterway to choose extra seafood (prawns, crabs, squid or lobsters). Prices are not cheap at these shops as most are set up for tourist trade.

Our pick for ‘Best restaurants in Alleppey’ is Thaff Restaurant Alleppey – located on YMCA Road in the centre of town. Specialising in traditional Keralan cuisine, their seafood dishes are truly delicious and worth every rupee. With an air-conditioned restaurant upstairs and customer service to boast of, Thaff is also the best value restaurant in town.


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