Restaurants in Ajmer specialise in Mughal-style non-vegetarian cuisine.

Unlike the devout religious town of Pushkar 15 km away which is strictly vegetarian, Ajmer has a big Muslim population who cater to non-vegetarian cuisine. Vegetarian-only restaurants exist side-by-side with restaurants specialising in non-vegetarian dishes just as Hindus co-exist side-by-side with Muslims in this diverse, cosmopolitan city.

Most people head to Pushkar either for the Pushkar Fair or to chill out and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the place. If the vegetarian scene in Pushkar is not your style or you get sick of eating vegetables daily, head over to Ajmer for a delicious lunch of chicken, beef or lamb.

Most restaurants in Ajmer are located around Station Street near the Ajmer railway station. This is a handy location as it is one of the busiest spots in Ajmer. Also, it is a perfect place to stop by for a meal while waiting for a train out of Ajmer or after you have arrived hungry into Ajmer town on your way to Pushkar.

The cuisines served at these Ajmer restaurants range from vegetarian to Mughlai and even multi-cuisine options. This variety gives people the opportunity to select the cuisine of their choice. With most restaurants in Ajmer being located close to Dargar Sharif, they tend to specialise in Mughlai cuisine and they do a very fine job of it too. Dishes like Chicken Mughlai are worth trying while in Ajmer.

Another specialty of Ajmer is an Indian sweet called Sohan Halwa which comes in round blocks filled with nuts. There are several shops in the bazaar area near the Dargah that specialise in Sohan Halwa.

Our pick for ‘Best value restaurant in Ajmer’ is Madina Hotel – located on Station Street in front of the Ajmer railway station. If you’re not fussed about décor and ambiance, and would like to try some mouth-watering Mughlai non-vegetarian dishes at affordable prices this is the Ajmer restaurant to visit.


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