One of the top places to visit in Mount Abu is the Dilwara temple complex.

Of all the places to visit in Mount Abu, there is no other attraction more spectacular than the Dilwara temples. These Jain temples, built between 400 and 1000 years ago, are world renowned for their exquisite marble carvings and decorations. It is worth visiting Mount Abu just to see the Dilwara temples.

One of the top things to do in Mount Abu is to go on a forest trek in the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. A Mount Abu tour with a reputable tour group is the ideal way to explore the flora and fauna-rich 289-sq-km sanctuary which extends over most of the mountain from an altitude of 300m upwards.

Other Mount Abu tourist places worth visiting are Nakki Lake and Toad Rock. The lake is the focus of the town and is a great place to spend some time enjoying the views. A casual stroll around the lake will allow you to see the hills, parks and rock formations that surround it. The most famous rock formation is Toad Rock which looks like it’s about to hop into the lake.

Other Mount Abu attractions include Sunset Point, another popular and lovely place to watch a sunset over the hills, and the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, the headquarters of the worldwide organisation that teaches all religions lead to God. Be careful if you’re heading to Sunset Point as it’s a secluded spot and can get dangerous after dark.

It is possible to take a full-day or half-day Mount Abu tour with RSRTC however these tours tend to be rushed with little or no information provided on the sights. If you’re interested, you can make a reservation at the enquiries counter at the bus stand. The bus leaves at 9:30am and 1:00pm; admission and camera fees as well as guide fees are not included in the tour cost.

Below is a list of popular places to visit in Mount Abu.



1. Dilwara Temple Mount Abu


The Jain Dilwara temple complex is truly a masterpiece of temple architecture. Dedicated to the first and successive Jain Tirthankaras, the temples are famous worldwide for its intricate carvings in beautiful white marble. The intricately carved ornamental details can be seen in the minutely carved ceilings, doorways, pillars and panels.

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2. Mount Abu Tour: Forest Trek


Situated in a mountain on top of the Aravalli Hills, Mount Abu offers some spectacular opportunities to get out and explore nature, and the flora and fauna in the surrounding forests. The Mount Abu tour with Hiking & Trekking is an ideal way to see the natural beauty that Mount Abu has to offer. Spectacular views of the countryside along with caving are some of the highlights of this popular forest / nature trek.

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