Best Time to Visit Mount Abu

The climate of Mount Abu is quite cool and can be visited all year round. The best time to visit Mount Abu is in Spring (February to April) when the temperature hovers between 20°C to 30°C. Summers are best avoided as Mount Abu gets really crowded. Winter can get really cold especially at night so carry some woollens if you plan to visit at this time.


  • Winter (November to February) has a a minimum temperature of about 12°C and a maximum temperature of 29°C. The weather is perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities.
  • Summers (April to June) is the time when the temperature touches the maximum level of 33°C and a minimum of 23°C. The weather remains pleasant during the daytime while nighttime can be cool. This period is ideal for tourist visits.
  • Monsoons (July to September) receives an average rainfall of 70 – 180 cm. The weather during this season is moderate and natural beauty is in its prime. It is one of the best times to visit Mount Abu. Lush greenery, waterfalls and mountain mist can be best enjoyed during the monsoon season.


Events & Festivals in Mount Abu

In spring, Mount Abu has a local variation of the Gangaur Festival which is celebrated by the Garasia tribespeople. This is a suitable time to visit Mount Abu in order to witness the cultural programs of the festival.


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