Most of the restaurants in Kochi are located in the tourist areas of Fort Kochi and Ernakulum.

Located along the coast of India, Kochi boasts some of the best seafood options when it comes to dining. Together with the delicious Keralan spices and coconut-based sauces, dining in Kochi is a feast for the tastebuds. Karimeen or pearl spot, a popular fish in Kerala, can be found in most restaurants in Kochi. Of course, other varieties of fish, prawns, squid, crabs and other seafood options can also be found in Kochi restaurants.

Most of the restaurants in Kochi are located in the tourist area of Fort Kochi. If you’re after fresh seafood, head to the fishmongers behind the Chinese fishing nets from whom you can buy fish, prawns, crabs or lobster. You can take your purchases to the nearby row of food shacks who will cook and serve it according to your preference.

Apart from the fishmongers, there are several restaurants in Fort Kochi, such as Oceanos Restaurant, that have a delightful seafood menu. If seafood is not your style and you prefer vegetarian, Dal Roti on Lily Street is the best vegetarian restaurant in the neighbourhood.

Being in Kerala, it is imperative you try one of the Kochi restaurants that specialise in Keralan cuisine. Shala and Menorah Restaurant are Keralan restaurants that come to mind. If you’re sick of Indian food and crave a bit of International cuisine, Malabar Junction on Parade Ground Road serves a European style menu with Grover’s Estate wine. Also, Old Harbour Hotel on Tower Road provides a multi-cuisine option. Both these restaurants are more upmarket and have pool side views and candlelit gardens creating an enchanting ambiance for an evening meal.

If you’re staying in Mattancherry or in the neighbourhood of Jew Town, there are a few restaurants that serve mostly Indian fare. While Rahmathulla Café and Shri Krishna serve basic Indian thalis, Ginger House is more upmarket and has a fantastic setting right on the waterfront.

If you happen to be in Ernakulum, Frys Village Restaurant serves some delicious Keralan seafood dishes, while Grand Pavillion, located at the Grand Hotel, is retro-stylish and has a menu that covers North Indian, South Indian and Asian cuisine.

Our pick for ‘Best restaurants in Kochi’ is Oceanos Restaurant located in Fort Kochi. While they specialise in seafood cuisine, they also have a menu with Mediterranean dishes. You can also pick your seafood and ask the chef to cook it to your liking. Whichever way you go, the seafood dishes at this restaurant are out of this world.

Below are some of the popular restaurants in Kochi.


1. Oceanos Restaurant

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As part of the Elphinstone Residency Hotel in Fort Kochi, Oceanos Restaurant is set up like a European Bistro or casual dining restaurant. Specialising in seafood, with a strong influence of Mediterranean flavours, their Indian dishes have an almost unique place in culinary India. After dining at this fine establishment, we rate Oceanos Restaurant as one of the best restaurants in Kochi, if not the best.


2. Frys Village Restaurant

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If you’re looking for a Kochi restaurant in Ernakulum, try Fry’s Village Restaurant, the “good food restaurant”. It’s a restaurant for families and budget conscious travellers located in the Kacheripadi district of Ernakulum. It specialises in tradional Keralan fare with a big emphasis on seafood. Keralan delicacies such as Meen Polichathu (Fish wrapped in banana leaf) and Crab Roast can be found on their menu.


3. Rahmathulla Cafe

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Located on Kayees Junction in Mattancherry, Rahmathulla Cafe is an institution for great biryani in Kerala. It is legendary among the locals for its chicken and mutton biryanis.


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