Kochi remains hot and humid for most of the year. The best time to visit Kochi is from October to March.

  • Winters (October to February) are the ideal time to visit Kochi as the temperature is cool and dry. The temperature ranges between 17°C to 33°C and is perfect for Kochi tourism, honeymooning and enjoying water sports on the various beaches
  • Summers (March to June) are warm, dry and humid with the maximum temperature reaching up to 37°C. The weather is hot making it a little difficult for outdoor activities
  • Monsoons (July to September) are accompanied by heavy rainfalls interrupting outdoor activities


Events & Festivals in Kochi

It is worth scheduling a visit to Kochi during one of their fairs or festivals that are held on a grand scale, as the city is the most colourful and liveliest at this time. Be prepared for throngs of tourists, both local and foreigners, during this time.

  • Onam, the famous festival of Kerala, is in the Malayalam Shravan Month (15th August to 15th September) and the celebrations are beautiful
  • Cochin Carnival, a festival to welcome the New Year, is held annually during the last week of the year at Fort Kochi
  • Tourism Fair is held during December every year which is a spectacular show of cultural activities