• Signature Dishes: Chicken kebabs
  • Opening Times & Days: 12pm to 12am, daily
  • Address: Shop No 146, MI Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • Contact: N/A
  • Reservation: No

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If you’re after the best chicken kebabs in Jaipur and don’t mind rubbing shoulders with rickshaw drivers and local Indians, head down to Old Take-Away on MI Road for some lip-smacking Indian kebabs. Don’t expect much else, as you will be sitting on makeshift tables and chairs in the middle of nowhere chowing down on some of the best tandoor dishes this place has to offer. Once the food arrives, you will forget where you are, as the smell and taste of the kebabs will take over your senses.

Old Take Away Jaipur Kebab Shop


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While we were in Jaipur, we went in search for Jaipur restaurants that served the best chicken kebabs in town. We asked a few locals and they pointed us to a shop on Subhash Corner, MI Road. There are three Jaipur restaurants situated next to each in this section, and their specialty is chicken kebabs. So when we got to the shops, we stood there wondering which one was the best. One shop clearly had more locals at it. A couple of guys on a bike told us to try the kebabs from the middle shop as they made the best chicken kebabs in Jaipur.

All three Jaipur restaurants are called Old Take Away, however this one is Shop No 146. In addition to kebabs, they also prepare chicken and mutton biryani, rolls, shawarma and tikkas.


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We imagined this to be a ‘takeaway only’ shop (as the name suggests), but there is an eating section out the back. The men working in the shop took us out the back into an alleyway, and we were taken aback by what we saw!

They had converted an old car repair yard into a dining area for customers. There was already a big table of Western tourists eating there as well as a couple of smaller tables with local people.


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So, we sat down at one of the makeshift tables and foldable chairs and ordered our dinner – tandoori chicken and hariyali chicken kebab (green chicken kebab) with rumali roti.

This is a ‘no frills’ eating place as we didn’t come here for the decor or the atmosphere. We came here for good, lip-smacking food! I would be wrong to say that this place doesn’t have atmosphere because it does. It’s a different kind of atmosphere – reminiscent of old India with small shops in the back alleyways. Sitting in the middle of a big car repair yard having dinner is not an experience that comes along often and it wasn’t too bad.


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Customer service was a big surprise here because it was good. The owner of the kebab shop was hanging around and he made sure that our every need was attended to. Our table was cleaned before we sat down, and he went through the items on his menu with us and explained what they were.

Paper plates were used for everything, from serving plates to eating plates. We had to use our hands to eat the kebabs and rotis as cutlery was non-existent.


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Tandoori chicken is a popular Indian dish consisting of roasted chicken prepared with yogurt and spices. It is cooked in a tandoor oven, hence its name. It is perhaps one of the most popular Indian dishes in Western countries.

The tandoori chicken came with sliced onions, lime and a coriander-mint sauce. The tandoori chicken was well marinated with lots of flavour that infused itself into the chicken. The chicken was beautifully barbequed in a tandoor oven. Some may say that it was a touch dry, but there was a coriander-mint sauce to eat it with. Once you combine the two, you have the right combination, and that is what made the tandoori chicken really good.


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Hariyali chicken kebabs are green in colour because they are marinated in a green paste made up of spinach, coriander and green chilies.

Although this is also marinated chicken, it is cooked in a different way and therefore tastes very different to the tandoori chicken. This chicken is crisped on the barbeque outside, and it was very moist on the inside. This dish tasted great with the rumali roti. Graham personally thought this chicken was a little too moist, perhaps a tad undercooked, but maybe it was cooked that way to retain the moisture in the chicken.


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Rumali rotis are one of my favourite Indian breads. It is a paper thin, soft flatbread that looks like tissue paper. Rumal means handkerchief in Hindi, hence the name, rumali roti, means handkerchief bread.

It goes really well with Tandoori dishes, and tonight, it complimented the chicken tandoori and hariyali chicken kebabs. We wrapped a piece of kebab and some sliced onions with a piece of roti and dipped it in the sauce – absolutely delicious!

As soon as we finished our rumali roti the waiter would bring us another one fresh off the stove. What incredible service for such a small place!

We paid Rs 230 for our dinner that night. Even though this is a budget eatery, to have paid this price for a non-vegetarian meal in Jaipur was a bargain.

If we were to return to Jaipur in the future, this is a place we would surely visit again. Where else can one find such delicious kebabs at this price anywhere else in Jaipur?!

If you’re looking for Jaipur restauarants that serve the best chicken kebabs, come here. If the thought of eating in a car repair yard doesn’t appeal to you, try take away. Alternatively, you can try out one of the other kebab shops next door, as one shop has tables and chairs set up at the side of the road. We preferred to eat at the back as it is away from the dust and smoke on the road.


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