What to do in Exmouth? If you’re heading to Exmouth you’ll definitely want to find out what are the best things do there. This article tells you exactly that. Read on for the top ten things to do in Exmouth with detailed information on each activity. This will help you plan out your holiday and you can then decide how long you want to spend in Exmouth.



Top 10 Things to Do in Exmouth

  1. Swim with whale sharks in Ningaloo Marine Park (from late March to May)
  2. Take a fishing charter or go land-based fishing from Learmonth Jetty
  3. Dine on delicious seafood at the best restaurants in Exmouth
  4. Dive some of the best diving sites in Australia at Ningaloo Marine Park and Navy Pier
  5. Go snorkelling at Turquoise Bay or Oyster Stacks in Cape Range National Park
  6. Get the best views in town from Vlaming Lighthouse up on the hill
  7. Go bushwalking and spot wildlife in Cape Range National Park
  8. Explore the best surf or nudist beaches north of Exmouth
  9. Watch turtles nest and hatch their eggs at Jurabi Turtle Centre
  10. Watch the sunset from Bundegi Beach or Town Beach in Exmouth



Swimming with Whale Sharks Exmouth


Exmouth is the prime destination in Australia for swimming with whale sharks. From late March to May, whale sharks head to Ningaloo Marine Park to feed during the annual coral spawning season. While swimming with whale sharks is the most popular activity you can also watch them from the safety of a boat. Either way, you’ll need to take a tour; there are myriad tours to spot marine life from both Exmouth and nearby Coral Bay. The whale shark season is the busiest time of the year for tourism in Exmouth. If you’re planning to visit Exmouth during this time, plan and book your accommodation and tours in advance.



Best Exmouth Fishing Spots


While fishing charters are the most popular activity in Exmouth, land-based fishing is just as good and a lot less expensive. Of course, you won’t have the big catches as you would on a fishing charter but you’re guaranteed a lot of little catches at various spots around Exmouth. The most popular land-based fishing spots in and around Exmouth are Learmonth Jetty, Bundegi Jetty and the marina walls in town. Beach fishing is also quite popular here.

See our Learmonth Jetty post for more information on land-based fishing in Exmouth.



Best of Exmouth Restaurants


Exmouth has a thriving prawn industry and being a coastal town, the seafood is plentiful and fresh. So, you can expect the best restaurants in Exmouth to serve delicious and fresh seafood dishes and they do so with style. Whalers Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in town; make a reservation so you don’t miss out.

See our Exmouth Restaurants page for more information on the best restaurants in Exmouth.



Best Exmouth Diving Spots


With Ningaloo Marine Park and Navy Pier at its doorstep, Exmouth has some of the best diving spots in Western Australia and compares highly to Great Barrier Reef in terms of best diving locations in Australia. The annual coral spawning bring whale sharks to Ningaloo Marine Park from late March to May, while humpback whales pass by the coast on their annual migration south between July and November. In addition, you can expect to see manta rays as well as numerous other marine species in the waters of Ningaloo Marine Park.


Dive Navy Pier Exmouth

Navy Pier is arguably the best pier dive in the world and you can dive this area any time of the year for excellent marine viewing. There are estimated to be more marine species per square metres in the waters under Navy Pier than anywhere else in the world so you don’t have to swim or look far to see a myriad variety of marine animals around you.



Snorkelling at Turquiose Bay Exmouth


Exmouth has some of the best snorkelling spots in Western Australia and you don’t have to take a tour or travel far to do so. Located in Cape Range National Park, Turquoise Bay and Oyster Stacks are among the best snorkelling spots in Exmouth. Bring a pair of flippers and a mask and jump into the waters and before you know it you are swimming among beautiful coral and abundant fish just metres off shore.

See our Turquoise Bay and Oyster Stacks posts for more information on snorkelling in Exmouth.



Hiking in Cape Range National Park


While the waters of Ningaloo Marine Park take the first prize in tourist activities in Exmouth, hiking in Cape Range National Park comes in a close second. The park is teeming with wildlife and birdlife including kangaroos, rock wallabies, euros, and pink-breasted galahs. If you want to get out and stretch your legs, there are some great hiking trails that take you past spectacular gorges and rocky outcrops.

See our Cape Range National Park post for more information.



Turtle Watching at Jurabi Turtle Centre


Another popular activity in Exmouth is to watch turtles nest and hatch their eggs. To do this you have to organise a night tour with Jurabi Turtle Centre who also provide you with a ton on information on their conservation and protection programs for the four different species of turtles that nest on the beaches nearby.

See our Jurabi Turtle Centre for more information.



Best Exmouth Beach


The best beaches are north of Exmouth, on the tip of the North West Cape, and on the east coast in Ningaloo Marine Park. If you’re looking for a spot to swim around Exmouth, head to Town Beach, a serene white-sand beach with a small snack-shack, which is really a pleasant place to spend sunset.

The best beach in town is Bundegi Beach, 12km north of Exmouth along Murat Road to the communications tower. This curved, creamy-sand beach is backed by sand dunes, with seashells and coral washed up on its shores, crystal-clear, calm waters, and friendly pelicans. The Bundegi Beach Shack sells snacks and is licensed, making this a sublime spot for sunset.

Another popular beach in the area is Surfers Beach, 17km north of Exmouth. To get there, turn onto Yardie Creek Road and take the first right, signposted ‘Mildura Wreck’ (a 1907 cattle ship you can see from shore). It’s ruggedly beautiful, with creamy sand backing onto grassy dunes, and great waves for experienced surfers. Along the way there are several car parks, a couple with excellent facilities, including toilets, a beach shelter and viewing platform.

Along the western side of the cape there are gorgeous beaches, such as clothing-optional Mauritius Beach, 21km from Exmouth, and the superb white beaches and still azure waters of Lakeside (54km), Turquoise Bay (65km), and Oyster Stacks (69km), all great spots for snorkelling.



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