The restaurants in Udaipur are some of the best in Rajasthan with some providing stunning views of the lake.

Being in India and especially in the religious Hindu state of Rajasthan, a large portion of the restaurants in Udaipur specialise in Indian vegetarian dishes which are some of the best in the country. If you are a meat lover, it is possible to find some Udaipur restaurants that have non-vegetarian menus. While travelling in India, it’s just a matter of time before one becomes tired of eating Indian curries and looks forward to something different. Tourists will be pleased to find that restaurants in Udaipur also cater to Western tastes by specialising in International fare such as Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Most Udaipur restaurants cater to ambiance and atmosphere and deservedly so. With spectacular views of Lake Pichola it is easy to see why so many rooftop cafes with mesmerising lake views exist in Udaipur. Some are located in beautiful, romantic havelis. Whether these restaurants serve good food is debatable; many come with a hefty price tag though. If you are in the market for tasty, delicious food, then you’re in luck because there are some cafes and restaurants that put a bit more effort in serving up mouth-watering dishes, often in a simple setting.

Most of the restaurants are located along the eastern or western shores of Lake Pichola. Lal Ghat on the eastern shore is packed with cafes and restaurants catering to both high end and budget travellers. Alternatively, you can take a walk over the footbridge to Hanuman Ghat on the western shore for some fine dining or café style eateries. There are some restaurants around City Palace as well.

Our pick for ‘Best value restaurant in Udaipur’ is Queen Cafe – located on the western shores of Lake Pichola. If you’re not fussed about décor and ambiance, and want tasty Indian vegetarian dishes at affordable prices this is the Udaipur restaurant to visit.

Below is a list of popular restaurants in Udaipur.



1. Queen Cafe Udaipur


Queen Cafe Udaipur is a quaint yet homely cafe set in an Indian family home. The restaurant is run by Meenu while her mother is the wonderful cook of several home made vegetarian dishes. The atmosphere is homely and welcoming. We dined here on two occasions so we could sample a few more of the lip-smacking dishes.

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2. Lotus Cafe Udaipur


Lotus Cafe Udaipur is a chic little cafe located near the City Palace. It’s specialty is Indian chicken dishes however it also had an International menu option. While it had good reviews, we left feeling disappointed with our non-vegetarian dinner. The dishes lacked flavour and were unappetising.

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