Being a tropical land, there isn’t a sharp variation between the summer and winter temperatures in Tamil Nadu.

The months of April and May are the hottest with the temperature climbing to 40 °C while the mercury remains around 20-22 °C in the winter months. In contrast to most parts of India, Tamil Nadu gets most of its rain from the northeast monsoons. Thus, the best time to visit Tamil Nadu is between October to February, when the weather conditions remain pleasant and cool.


Events & Festivals in Tamil Nadu

It is worth scheduling a visit to Tamil Nadu during one of their fairs or festivals that are held on a grand scale as the city is the most colourful and liveliest at this time. Be prepared for throngs of tourists, both local and foreigners, during this time.

Pongal is held in mid-January. As the rice boils over the new clay pots, this festival symbolises the prosperity and abundance a fruitful harvest brings. For many, the celebrations begin with temple rituals, followed by family gatherings. Later it’s the animals, especially cows that are honoured for their contribution to the harvest.

Summer festivals are held from May through June throughout the hills, but especially in Ooty and Kodaikanal, where there are boat races on the lake, horse racing (in Ooty), flower shows and music.

Held during full moon in November/December, the Karthikai Deepam Festival (Nov/Dec; statewide) is Tamilnadu’s ‘Festival of Lights’. It is celebrated throughout the state with earthenware lamps and firecrackers, but the best place to see it is Tiruvannamalai, where the legend began.

Many other temple-centred festivals are held in towns around the state.


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