• Features: Hilly island with lovely walking tracks and easy access to neighbouring islands
  • Opening Times: Any time
  • Best Time to Visit: June to November
  • Duration: Any
  • Transport Options: Ferry from Airlie Beach (Abel Point Marina)
  • Budget: Cheap to Moderate
  • Address: Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia
  • Type: Island

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If you’re contemplating a vacation on South Molle Island in the Whitsundays, you need to know whether this island is for you. Read our pros and cons list to see if South Molle Island is the right island destination for you and your family. If it is, continue reading for important information to help plan your perfect holiday to South Molle Island.

Pros and Cons of a Holiday on South Molle Island


If you’re contemplating a vacation on South Molle Island in the Whitsundays, you need to know whether this island is for you. Read our pros and cons list to see if South Molle Island is the right island destination for you and your family. If it is, continue reading for important information to help plan your perfect holiday to South Molle Island.


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  • A beautiful Whitsunday island – South Molle is a picturesque, hilly island covered with white sandy beaches and surrounded by pale blue waters
  • Nature at its best – The island is largely geared towards nature lovers; it has the best network of hiking trails and is known for its prolific bird life
  • Access to neighbouring islands – With a number of Islands in the area to visit you can take advantage of being ferried around the Whitsundays visiting a number of resorts during your stay.
  • Peaceful vacation – The island is relatively peaceful with a large and spacious resort and lower overall guest numbers
  • Privacy – Expect privacy at this island with its resort and beachfront units evenly distributing guest numbers
  • Budget price tag – South Molle has a far cheaper average cost of stay than most other Whitsunday islands
  • Easy to get to – South Molle Island can be easily reached from Abel Point Marina at Airlie Beach



  • Minimalistic resort offerings – One of the oldest resorts in the Whitsundays, South Molle’s Adventure Island Resort is somewhat dated and its facilities are somewhere between resort and backpacker level
  • Limited dining options – Restaurant and dining options here are minimal, with food preparation only being conducted between certain pre-allocated times of the day
  • Lack of a variety of activities – Apart from bushwalking tracks, access to neighbouring islands and a golf course, there’s not much else to do on South Molle Island, especially for kids


South Molle Activities

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Walking tracks – South Molle has the best network of trails and 360-degree island views from its peak. The island offers an impressive array of short or long walks through gorgeous rainforest, making it an ideal destination for those wanting to put their legs to good use. The island is crisscrossed by 15km of walking tracks ranging from 2 to 10kms in length and has some superb lookout points. The highest point is Mt Jeffreys (198m) on the island’s southern end that boasts outstanding views, particularly at sunset. The climb up Spion Kop is awesome and is widely considered to be one of Queensland’s best bush walks. All tracks are well kept, sign posted and reward the walker with a diverse range of plant, bird and wildlife, secluded beaches and incredible views.

Access to neighbouring islands – Largest of the Molle group of islands at 4 sq km, South Molle is virtually joined to Mid Molle and North Molle Islands – at low tide, you can walk across a causeway to Mid Molle. This is a wonderful walk with amazing views; it’s also a pleasant way to get a dose of nature as both of these Molle islands are rich in wildlife.

In addition, South Molle’s relative closeness to Whitsunday Island makes day trips to Whitehaven Beach a viable option without too much of a significant time investment.

Abundant wildlife – South Molle Island is known for its prolific bird life. The most noticeable birds are the dozens of tame, colourful lorikeets and black currawongs. The endangered stone curlews are also common and rather intimidating.

Golf – The island also has a 9-hole golf course, which provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy playing golf in the spectacular surroundings of blue water.

Snorkelling & Diving – The snorkelling and scuba diving in the clear island waters are pretty decent. Best snorkelling spots are Sandy and Paddle Bays, with the water tending towards a greater level of clarity at the northern end of the island. Scuba diving lessons are also available at the resort.


South Molle Island Resort

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The downside: South Molle Island Resort is one of the oldest and non-glitzy resorts in the Whitsundays. The resort is far from luxurious and the rooms are pretty much your basic motel style. The upside: South Molle Island Resort is one of the most affordable resorts in the Whitsundays. The resort and its rooms are clean, comfortable and functional. It also has a nine-hole golf course, a gym, and tennis and squash courts. There is also a wide range of water-sports gear available for day-trippers to hire (non-motorised water sports equipment is free for resort guests).

Full-board tariffs at South Molle Island Resort include three buffet meals a day, and all tariffs include use of the golf course, tennis courts, non-motorised water sports equipment and nightly entertainment. Breakfast and lunch buffets are served in the main Island Restaurant; bistro-style dinners (steak, chicken and seafood dishes) are also served here. Friday is seafood night, with an extensive spread and live entertainment. The Discovery Bar is open until late and there’s a small café that serves simple fare.


South Molle Island Camping

South Molle Island also has camping facilities located within the national park. The two national-park camping grounds are located at Sandy Bay in the south and at Paddle Bay near the resort.


Koala Resort South Molle Island

Koala Resort on South Molle Island is reserved for guests of the Pride of Airlie which stops at South Molle for two nights on its three-day trip from Airlie Beach. Located 500m from the main resort, Koala Resort has upmarket rooms and guests have exclusive access to their own bar.

Book through Koala Adventures in Airlie Beach.


South Molle Island Ferry

The only way to get to South Molle Island is on a ferry from Abel Point Marina in Airlie Beach. Cruise Whitsundays has daily connections to South Molle from Abel Point Marina.


If South Molle Island sounds like your holiday destination, check out our extensive range of tours and activities to this island to help you organise your trip.


In the meantime, tell us what you think. What attracts you to South Molle Island? If you’ve been there before, what were your highlights and what didn’t you enjoy about the island?

We love to hear from you so please leave your comments below.


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