Getting to & from Mysore

Bangalore, 142 km away, is the nearest metropolitan city to Mysore and home to the nearest international airport.

By Air – Mysore airport, 12 km from the city centre, has only one flight to and from Bangalore.

By Train – Mysore Junction is the city’s main station, and there are daily trains plying the route to Bangalore, Chennai, Mangalore and Delhi.

By Bus – Buses run every 5 minutes from Bangalore. Public as well as private air-con and ordinary buses are available along this route. Mysore has two bus stands – all KSRTC government buses arrive and depart from the Central bus stand, while local buses use the City bus stand.

By Car – Mysore is approximately 150 km from Bangalore, and there is a 4 lane highway (2 lanes in each direction) connecting the 2 cities. The traffic is fairly heavy but the drive is extremely comfortable if you discount the unmarked speed bumps that show up at random intervals.


Getting around Mysore

Transportation within Mysore is one of the best in India so it is possible to travel around by bus which is the most affordable way to travel in the city. Buses leave from the City bus stations to most Mysore tourist places. Auto rickshaws and taxis are easily available all over the city which makes for a quick, easy and convenient way to travel. Some people choose to hire private cars that come with a chauffeur; it is advisable to hire these from reputable hotels or travel agencies.


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