Some of the best restaurants in Mumbai are found at the top end of the market.

Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city shaped by flavours from all over India and the world. Its migrant population brought their own traditional cuisines which has influenced the cuisine found in the restaurants in Mumbai. It is easy to throw yourself into the culinary kaleidoscope by sampling Parsi dhansak (meat with curried lentils and rice), Gujarati or Keralan thalis (‘all-you-can-eat’ meals), Mughlai kebabs, Goan vindaloo or Mangalorean seafood while in Mumbai. There are a few Mumbai specialties that originate from here including the smelly Bombay duck, a bombil fish dried in the sun and deep-fried and raan, a leg of lamb slowly cooked overnight in herbs and spices.

Some of the best food in Mumbai can be found at the top end of the market. They cost a pretty penny however the best restaurants in Mumbai are worth dining at not just for the lip smacking food they serve but also for their stylish décor, ambiance and setting. Restaurants such as Khyber and Peshawari have been visited by international stars, dignitaries and Indian celebrities because are they are the best in town.

Budget travellers should not lose heart because there are plenty of budget friendly restaurants that serve some of the best food in Mumbai. Look for restaurants that are full of local diners and you are sure to find yourself a winner. Don’t go by the ambiance of the restaurant as most budget restaurants focus on serving good quality food at affordable prices rather that on looking stylish.

Mumbai is a sprawling metropolis and Mumbai restaurants are spread far and wide. Depending on the area you’re visiting you can find a variety of restaurants to suit your palate and your wallet. Most of the popular restaurants are located in downtown Mumbai around the Fort and Colaba areas. There are some well-known restaurants also located in the posh suburban areas of Mumbai.

Mumbai street food is very popular and can be found any and everywhere. If you can stomach it, don’t miss Mumbai’s famous beach bhelpuri available at Girgaum Chowpatty, a flavour-full mixture of crispy-fried thin rounds of dough mixed with puffed rice, lentils, lemon juice, onions, herbs, chilli and tamarind chutney. Other popular street food options include samosas, pav bhaji (spiced vegetables and bread) and vada pav (deep-fried spiced lentil-ball sandwich) and pani puri (pockets of deep-fried balls of dough with a spicy potato mixture in tamarind water).

Our pick for ‘Best value restaurant in Mumbai’ is Khyber – located in the Fort area of Mumbai. Below are reviews for some of the best restaurants in Mumbai.

Below is a list of popular restaurants in Mumbai. 



1. Khyber Restaurant

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Located in Fort, the heritage district of Mumbai on Mahatma Gandhi Road, Khyber Restaurant is a fine-dining restaurant catering to the upper class section of the Mumbai society. Established in 1958, it began as a small restaurant capable of serving 50 people; now it can cover 300 people under its roof.

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2. New Apollo Restaurant

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If you’re looking for restaurants in Colaba that serve lip smacking food at down-to-earth prices, look no further than New Apollo Restaurant. They specialise in non-vegetarian Mughlai dishes such as delicious Mutton Makhanwala boneless, a specialty of Mumbai. Don’t expect much in the way of décor or atmosphere as the setting is very simple. Sit down here and eat to your heart’s content as we did.

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3. New Kulfi Centre

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If you’re looking for the best kulfi in Mumbai, head to New Kulfi Centre located at the corner of Chowpatty Seaface and Sardar V Patel Road. They have over 30 different varities to choose from and their hygiene standards are the best in India. They even have a small area at the back with tables and chairs. We liked the Roasted Almond flavour the best.

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