Most of the restaurants in Khajuraho are overpriced and offer multi-cuisine menus.

If you tired of eating Indian food and craving a bit of exotic Western fare, you may be glad to know that most restaurants in Khajuraho offer “multi-cuisine” menus. In addition to the Indian curries and breads, you can expect anything from pasta and pizza to Chinese noodles and fried rice. While most Khajuraho restaurants can be categorised as mid-range, there are one or two upmarket restaurants as well as restaurants for the budget traveller.

Most of the restaurants in Khajuraho are located around the Western Group of temples. This is where most of the action takes place so it’s a great spot to go on a culinary hunt. One of the better multi-cuisine restaurants here is Raja’s Café on Main Road, serving some wonderful Indian dishes as well as good quality Italian and Chinese food. The location is perfect with a lovely temple-view terrace which makes this restaurant a great dining spot. Other multi-cuisine restaurants also in the area are Paradise Restaurant and Blue Sky Restaurant; the latter has a one-table tree house with a fantastic view of the Western Group of temples. As tempting as it sounds, you will have to be very lucky to secure this table as it is a very popular dining spot.

For the more budget conscious travellers, Lassi Corner is a great spot to satisfy your thirst after a hot day in the sun. In addition to serving the best lassis in town, they also make some delicious stuffed parathas and good Indian dishes. The setting is a bit basic so ‘take-away’ might be a good idea.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few Italian restaurants in Khajuraho, with the upmarket restaurant, Mediterraneo being the best among them. High-quality food is served on a lovely terrace overlooking the street; the specialty here is wood-fired oven pizzas. A cheaper version of Mediterraneo is Bella Italia located nearby overlooking Gole Market.

See below for some of the best restaurants in Khajuraho. 


1. Lassi Corner Khajuraho

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Located on Jain Temples Road next to the Western Group of temples, Lassi Corner is a great place for budget travellers looking for a good value meal. However, you do need to have a strong stomach to eat here as the hygiene levels are quite low.


2. Blue Sky Restaurant Khajuraho

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A rickety wooden platform, three storeys up, leads out to the most unusual place to eat in Khajuraho – a one-table treehouse with an unrivalled view of the western temples. Blue Sky Restaurant has other tables too with lovely balcony views. The vegetarian and non-vegetarian food here is average.


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