Getting to & from Kanha

Kanha is well connected to other Indian cities via rail, air and bus services.

By Air – The closest cities to Kanha are Jabalpur (160 km), Raipur (240 km) and Nagpur (335 km) which have flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. There are rumours about connecting all wildlife areas in Madhya Pradesh by charter flights, arranged through some of the upmarket resorts.

By Train – Jabalpur and Bilaspur are the closest rail connections.

If you’re coming from Bandhavgarh, there is an option of catching a train from Umaria (40 min. from Tala) to Jabalpur, although the timings aren’t quite suitable; instead, you could do it the other way round and go from Jabalpur to Umaria by the early morning Narmada Express and thereafter by road to Bandhavgarh.

By Road – From Jabalpur, you can take a bus to Kanha’s Khatiya Gate via Mandla; the entire journey takes about 8 hours in total. Taxis are available for hire from Jabalpur, Bilaspur and Raipur.

There are five daily buses from Khatiya Gate to Mandla and vice versa (2½ hours, 6am, 8.30am, 9am, 12.30pm & 6pm). The 6am, 12.30pm and 6pm continue to Jabalpur (5½ hours).

It is advisable to reach Kisli before sunset as vehicles are not permitted within the park after dark.


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