Most restaurants in Jodhpur are vegetarian and specialise in Rajasthani cuisine.

Most restaurants in Jodhpur are vegetarian with the exception of a few restaurants that serve non-vegetarian dishes. When dining in Jodhpur, it is worth trying out some of the popular Rajasthani dishes in order to understand the culture and the traditions of Rajasthan. Most restaurants in Jodhpur serve Rajasthani cuisine. Dishes like dal batti churma and lal maans (mutton in red sauce) are typical Rajasthani dishes that must be sampled at reputable Jodhpur restaurants.

Apart from Rajasthani cuisine, most restaurants in Jodhpur also specialise in North Indian vegetarian food especially dishes from Punjab. North Indian cuisine is one of the most popular Indian cuisines both in India as well as worldwide due to the flavours imparted to the dishes from the marinades and sauces. Lentil dishes such as dal makhani and chana masala are quite popular while more exotic dishes like navratan korma and malai kofta are worth trying out.

A number of Indian delicacies have originated in Jodhpur. To name a few, the Makhaniya Lassi, Mawa Ki Kachori, Pyaaj Ki Kachori, Hot & Spicy Mirchi Bada (a preparation made with potato, onion, chilli and gramflour), Dal Bati Churma (dal is lentils; bati is baked wheat ball; and churma is powdered sweetened cereal), and Kadhi Pakoda (recipe made with gramflour, curd and chilli). Jodhpur is also known for its sweets ranging from traditional Makhanbada, Malpua, Motichur Ke Laddu, and Gulab Jamun to Bengali Rasgulla and Rasamalai.

A popular area to find a wide selection of restaurants in Jodhpur is around Makrana Mohalla, a surburb south of Mehrangarh fort. This is a great area for dining in Jodhpur as the views of Mehrangarh fort from the rooftop restaurants here are amazing. Another great location for Jodhpur restaurants and places to eat or drink is Sardar Market. Shops selling lassis or omelettes are set up in the market for roaring trade to tourists and locals alike.

Our pick for ‘Best value Jodhpur restaurant’ is Singhvi Haveli Restaurant – the vegetarian restaurant located at Hotel Singhvi Haveli. Below are reviews for some of the top restaurants in Jodhpur.



1. Singhvi Haveli Restaurant Jodhpur


Singhvi Haveli Jodhpur is a traditional family run guest house set in a heritage haveli in the old town of Jodhpur. The restaurant at this hotel serves excellent vegetarian meals at reasonable prices.

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2. Hotel Haveli Jodhpur


Hotel Haveli Jodhpur is a centrally located restaurant with decent food, mediocre service and a fantastic view of the fort. With the Mehrangarh Fort on its doorsteps, the view from the rooftop restaurant of this hotel couldn’t get any better.

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3. Nirvana Restaurant Jodhpur


Nirvana Restaurant Jodhpur is located 300 metres from the clock tower in Sardar Market. There are two restaurants here but our favourite is the first floor indoor restaurant with old wall paintings. The specialty of the restaurant is the Rajasthani special thali and after trying it out we would recommend it as a dish worth having at this restaurant.

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4. The Omelette Shop Jodhpur


The Omelette Shop is such a popular eatery that they go through 1000 to 1500 eggs a day. Located in Sardar Market, Jodhpur, they specialise in cheese masala omelette sandwiches which are absolutely delicious. Try one the next time you’re in Jodhpur.

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5. Best Lassi Shop in Jodhpur


Shri Mishrilal Hotel Jodhpur specialises in makhania lassis which are very creamy. The hotel is located inside the southern gate of Sardar Market. It is very popular for its lassis; however the decor leaves little to be desired.

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