Restaurants in Jaisalmer specialise in Indian vegetarian cuisine, particularly Rajasthani dishes.

Being in the state of Rajasthan, most restaurants in Jaisalmer cater to Indian vegetarian dishes. While it is possible to find non-vegetarian restaurants, the specialty of Jaisalmer restaurants is vegetarian dishes. To appeal to the palates of western tourists, many restaurants also cater to multi-cuisine menus; it is common to find pizzas, pastas and other International fare on a Jaisalmer restaurant menu. Chinese and Tibetan food is quite popular with multi-cuisine restaurants and specialty Tibetan restaurants serving up delicious continental dishes.

With most restaurants located near the Jaisalmer fort, rooftop eateries are popular which provide spectacular views of the fort. Restaurants are located both within the fort as well as outside so it is possible to enjoy views of the fort as well as partake of the romantic atmosphere within the fort itself. Be aware that the development of businesses within the walls over the years has put pressure on the fort itself which has started to crumble in recent years.

Most restaurants in Jaisalmer cater to ambiance with Rajasthani music and dance being the main attraction for the evening. Jaisalmer restaurants are located within havelis which provides a romantic atmosphere when dining. Most of these restaurants are in the mid to high-end range. For the budget traveller, it is possible to find good value restaurants however they are few and might not be located near the fort.

There is also a bhang (marijuana) shop dressed up as a café located outside the first fort gate that offers lassis, cookies, cakes and sweets laced with bhang for those inclined.

Our pick for ‘Best value restaurant in Jaisalmer’ is Chandan Shree Restaurant – located outside the old walls of Jaisalmer. If you’re not fussed about décor and ambiance, and want tasty Indian vegetarian dishes at affordable prices this is the place to visit.


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