Varanasi is certainly a place to go for self-discovery and enlightenment. From a walk or boat trip along the Ganga, to watching the cremation at the Ghats or the Ganga Aarti Ceremony, there is something uniquely different about Varanasi. We have 2 suggested itineraries that will cover the most interesting and colourful sections of Varanasi.

Our itineraries are designed to show you the tourist areas and give you an idea of how long you could spend here. Our recommendation is 1 full day but if you would like to take things slower, then a 2-day visit is sufficient. Alternatively, you may choose an open ended visit to learn more from the spiritual leaders here and our guide will only help you scratch the surface of your visit.

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Varanasi Sightseeing Itineraries

See below for 1-Day and 2-Day itineraries for Varanasi. Choose an itinerary that suits your travel needs.



Varanasi 1-Day Itinerary (Recommended Option)

Our 1-Day Itinerary covers every major tourist attraction you should see while in Varanasi. This is a long day, starting early in the morning and ending late. Stop when you want to rest, eat, drink or talk to a local guru.


Go for an early morning boat ride down the Ganges. Don’t take the first price you hear; there are many boats and going on your own smaller craft is more enjoyable.







After your boat ride, we recommend a walk through the Ghats, making sure to stop at the ceremonial ghats – Daseswamedth Ghat and Munshi Ghat. This is where most of the action is and daily life revolves around these ghats.

Stop for lunch during your walk. There are many hotels or cafes to eat at; the better ones appear to be at the southern end of the ghats.


Varansi Temple in the North is worth a quick visit but you must be Hindu to enter. Alternatively, you could sit with one of the many resident gurus to discuss life and learn about their journeys.






To avoid disappointment, it would be best to purchase your International Music Center ticket for a great music show later in the evening.


Before dinner, enjoy the Ganga Aarti Ceremony which takes place every evening. This will be one of the highlights of your trip to Varanasi.







After this, head to the International Music Center for your evening Indian classical concert.










Varanasi 2-Day Itinerary

Our 2-Day Itinerary is for those who want to see more of Varanasi but still want things at a fast pace. Alternatively, if you want to travel at a slower pace you could shorten your first day by either completing the morning boat ride or going to the music performance in the evening of Day 2.


Day 1

Follow the 1-Day itinerary from above.



Day 2


Head South to the outskirts of town to Ramnagar Fort. This impressive looking fort sits on the hill overlooking the river and has an interesting museum. This fort is not an easy walk from town and you will need to get an auto rickshaw or car to take you there.





After this, head back into town and spend the afternoon shopping near the central Ghat where there are many gift shops and interesting alleyways to walk through. Perhaps stop for a lassi or enjoy a bite from one of the many sweet shops or cafes.







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