• Features: Beautiful woodland garden
  • Opening Times:  10am to 5pm, daily
  • Best Time to Visit: In autumn (Mar to May)
  • Duration: 1 to 2 hours
  • Transport Options: Train/bus, car
  • Cost: FREE
  • Address: Hacketts Rd, Olinda, Victoria, Australia
  • Type: Gardens


Pirianda Gardens is a beautiful woodland garden great for picnics and taking walks through the steep terraced gardens dotted with rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias, camellias, hundreds of flowering plants and unusual trees.

Pirianda Gardens Dandenongs


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Pirianda Gardens is a beautiful woodland garden great for a picnics and for exploring steep terraced gardens dotted with rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias, camellias, hundreds of flowering plants and unusual trees. Pirianda Gardens features beautiful spring displays but is renowned for its unsurpassed autumn colours and its fine tree collection.

Designed to take advantage of the steep slopes, the terraced gardens of Pirianda are distinctive for their combination of botanically important trees, shrubs and perennials with an over storey of large Blackwoods and Mountain Ash towering over the natural fern gullies.

Pirianda Gardens is particularly beautiful in autumn when the trees change colour to the many hues of orange, red and yellow.

Enjoy magnificent views and tranquil walks, bird watching, photography and picnicking on the lawns of Pirianda Gardens. You may even come across some deer as you walk along the paths.


Collections at Pirianda Gardens

Pirianda Garden features such delights as 28 different types of maples and 13 birch varieties. Collections of magnolias, eucryphias, rhododendrons, clethra, styrax, pieris, viburnums and many conifers can also be seen.

Three specimens of the unusual and haunting Chinese Handkerchief Tree (Davidia involucrate) are located here. They flower annually in early November. The large bracts are up to 12cm long, pure white and conspicuous when waving in the wind. The sight of these trees in flower is reason enough to visit Pirianda Gardens.

Other unusual plants include members of the aceae plant family, Franklinia spp and Stewartia spp which are both attractive and rarely seen specimen plants. Both species have delicate and beautiful flowers and are related to the better known camellias.


Things to See & Do in Pirianda Gardens

As you enter the garden, you will pass through a grassy area containing many northern hemisphere trees rarely cultivated in Australia.

Below this top terrace the bog garden leads past finely terraced walls built from local stone during the Ansell’s time.

At the base of the garden, the natural fern gully is dominated by Blackwoods and Soft and Rough Tree Ferns, providing a shady haven during summer.


Seasonal Highlights at Pirianda Gardens

Spring: rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias, camellias, dogwoods, Dove Tree and spring bulbs

Summer: Mock Orange, Eucryphia, Clethra, Hydrangeas and NSW Christmas bush

Autumn: Spectacular autumn foliage colours of a wide variety of exotic trees and shrubs, including the unusual sight of Franklinia alatamaha which flowers on leafless branches

Winter: Luculia, Witch Hazel, camellias and early rhododendrons


Pirianda Gardens Opening Hours

Open daily 10am – 5pm 

Closed Christmas Day


Pirianda Gardens Address

Hacketts Rd,





Pirianda Gardens Entry Fee

FREE entry


Pirianda Gardens Map

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