PT Road, located next to the main market in the city centre, is the hotspot for most restaurants in Kodaikanal.

The area around PT Road is the main hangout for most tourists and students from the Kodaikanal International School, and this is where most of the restaurants in Kodaikanal are situated apart from some on Anna Salai or Bazaar Road.

The restaurants in Kodaikanal serve a variety of cuisines. Multi-cuisine restaurants are very popular with the Indian market so quite a few Kodaikanal restaurants cater for multi-cuisine menus which include Indian, Continental and Chinese dishes. Cloud Street has a traditional Italian-style woodfire pizza oven. Of course, Indian cuisine is always in demand and there are vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants with a big emphasis on North Indian cuisine. Good Indian restaurants include Hotel New Punjab and Tava Restaurant. You can also find Chinese and Tibetan restaurants in Kodaikanal as well. Royal Tibet is a great place to chow down on dumplings or momos as it is locally called.

Most of the restaurants in Kodaikanal target the international student and Indian tourist market so the restaurants are affordable and lack atmosphere and décor. Emphasis is on providing good value and delicious food over décor and ambiance which is what Westerners are used to. As a result, restaurants such as Hotel Astoria are very popular with the Indian tourist market simply for their ‘all-you-can-eat’ vegetarian thalis that are fantastic value and taste really good.

If you in search for fast food, there are a handful of bakeries and café in the area that provide sandwiches, pancakes, pastries as well as pizzas, brownies and cakes.

Our pick for ‘Best value restaurant in Kodaikanal’ is Hotel Astoria located on Anna Salai. They serve excellent ‘all-you-can-eat’ vegetarian thalis at lunchtime which are a hit with the locals and tourists alike.

Below is a list of some of the best restaurants in Kodaikanal. 


1. Hotel Astoria Kodaikanal

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Located on Anna Salai Road near the main bazaar, Hotel Astoria Kodaikanal is one of the most popular restaurants in town. This is a vegetarian restaurant that is always packed with locals and tourists, especially during lunchtime when they serve excellent ‘all-you-can-eat’ vegetarian thalis.


2. Tava Restaurant Kodaikanal

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Located on PT Road in Kodaikanal, Tava Restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant with a wide menu of North and South Indian vegetarian dishes. Open for lunch and dinner, this restaurant is a great option for affordable and delicious vegetarian meals.


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