India Tours from Remote Traveler are provided by the worlds leading tour companies. We understand that you need to find the tour that best suits your needs, so you can enjoy your fantastical journey through this fascinating country. From day tours, to full India tours, we provide you with full custom options. From day trips to the Taj Mahal, Camel Safari’s in Jaisalmer, Keralan Backwater cruises & himalayan expeditions, India has a diverse range of climates & cultures for you to discover.

Key things to look for on your India Tour:

  • Inclusions – does it include the places you want to see
  • Guides – quality and reputation

We strongly recommend that you look through the large range of options available for your tour or contact us to organize something different. Using our website to find the Attractions you want to see and then combining tours or even a single trip that will include the key places you want to visit, will help you maximize your time & save you money. Our consultants have traveled extensively through India and we have used our experience and knowledge to recommend key places to visit during your India tours.

Traveling quickly in India can be difficult without extensive planning or by joining a pre-planned tour group.

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