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Current Conditions for Melbourne

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Melbourne weather in Autumn

Best Time to Visit Melbourne

Melbourne’s weather can be summed up in one word – ‘unpredictable’. The city is famous for its ‘four seasons in one day’ climate which can catch travellers unaware. Locals will suggest dressing up in layers, so you can rug up or strip off as the weather dictates.

The busiest time for tourism in Melbourne is summer (December to February) due to the long, warm summer days and nights. Average summer temperatures range between 19°C and 40°C with the afternoons being the hottest and the mornings and evenings cool. December is party time in the city; there’s also a glut of music festivals and concerts. As a result, the atmosphere during summer is upbeat and festive.

However, the best time to visit Melbourne is in autumn (March to May) with its mild, still days and its gardens and parks bearing all the tints of a European autumn. This is also the shoulder period which means that accommodation prices will not be at their peak.

Winters (June to August) are cold with strong winds and the average maximum temperatures nudging 14°C. This is the best time to hit the snowfields of the Victorian Alps which are within three hours’ drive of the city.

Forecast Details for Melbourne

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Average Monthly Temperature for Melbourne

Average Monthly Rainfall for Melbourne

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