Thinking of holidaying along the Fraser Coast? Mixing coast and country, the Fraser Coast runs the gamut from coastal beauty, beachfront national parks and tiny seaside villages to sugar-cane fields, farmlands and old-fashioned country towns. Fishing, swimming, boating and camping are hugely popular along the entire stretch of coastline as the waters are stinger-free all the way to Bundaberg and beyond.

If you’re a nature buff and love the outdoors, you’ll enjoy a holiday along the Fraser Coast. As you drive along the east coast beach or through the primal inland forests you will see a country sculpted by wind and surf; a mystical land of giant dunes, ancient rainforests, luminous lakes and heathland. If this sounds like the perfect holiday for you continue reading to find the best places to visit in the Fraser region.



Top 5 Places to Visit in Fraser Coast Queensland

We’ve handpicked five of the best places to visit in the Fraser region based on popularity, unique natural wonders and a relaxed atmosphere. Our overviews will allow you to quickly decide if a particular location is right for you and your family. If one of the places below interests you, click on the link to find out heaps more information about the place including its top attractions and how to get there.


1. Fraser Island


Great for: Families, nature lovers, beach goers, relaxed holiday

Avoid if: You don’t like the outdoors

Activities: Swimming, viewing natural wonders, shipwreck, relaxing on the beach, camping

Best time to visit: Spring (September to November)

Transport options: Air, boat

Accommodation options: Beach houses, resort, apartments, camp grounds, backpackers’ hostel


World Heritage-listed Fraser Island is the most popular place to visit along the Fraser Coast. It’s the largest sand island in the world and its natural beauty is beyond comparison. With striking blue freshwater lakes, crystalline creeks, giant dunes and lush rainforests, it’s a nature lover’s paradise.

See our Fraser Island page for more information.



2. Hervey Bay


Great for: Getting to Fraser Island, wildlife lovers, families

Avoid if: You want a relaxed holiday, don’t like the outdoors or wildlife viewing

Activities: Whale-watching, fishing, cruises, water sports, scenic flights, skydiving

Best time to visit: July to October

Transport options: Air, boat, bus, car

Accommodation options: Villas, resorts, apartments, B&Bs, caravan parks, hostels


Hervey Bay is popular for two reasons – it is the launch pad to Fraser Island, and it is the whale-watching capital of Australia. There’s a whiff of burgeoning beach-café culture, but at heart it’s a mellow coastal community riding on the back of the annual humpback whale migrations. From July to October whales stream into the bay to chill out before continuing their trek south to Antarctica, and tourists stream in to watch them play.

See our Hervey Bay page for more information.



3. Rainbow Beach


Great for: Beach lovers, relaxed holiday, wildlife lovers

Avoid if: If you want an active holiday, don’t like the outdoors

Activities: Viewing natural wonders, surfing, fishing, dolphin viewing, horse riding, skydiving, paragliding

Best time to visit: Spring (September to November)

Transport options: Bus, car

Accommodation options: Beach houses, apartments, motels, caravan park, hostels


South of Fraser Coast is tiny Rainbow Beach with its refreshingly unaffected seaside village in a pristine natural setting. It is fast gaining popularity as an alternative departure point for Fraser Island and for its resident dolphin population. Visit Rainbow Beach while it’s still off-the-beaten track and before others find out about this charming seaside town.

See our Rainbow Beach page for more information.



4. Bundaberg


Great for: Alcohol connoisseurs, historical enthusiasts, divers

Avoid if: You want a relaxed holiday

Activities: Distillery tours, visiting gardens & museums, diving trips, day trips to Lady Elliot Island

Best time to visit: Spring (September to November)

Transport options: Air, bus, train, car

Accommodation options: B&B, hotel, motels, caravan park, hostels


While not as popular as Fraser Island and Hervey Bay, Bundaberg still draws a crowd for its wickedly famous rum – Bundaberg Rum. It’s also a stepping stone to the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef including Lady Elliot Island and Lady Musgrave Island.

See our Bundaberg page for more information.



5. Mon Repos


Great for: Wildlife enthusiasts

Avoid if: You’re not a wildlife lover, don’t want to stay up at night

Activities: Watching nesting loggerhead turtles and hatching eggs

Best time to visit: November to March

Transport options: Car

Accommodation options: Caravan park


Mon Repos is famous for one reason only – it’s one of the most important natural turtle rookeries in eastern Australia; if you want to see nesting turtles and hatching eggs in the middle of the night, this is the place to visit. Mon Repos can be accessed from Bundaberg on a night tour.

See our Mon Repos article for more information.



Tell us what you think. Which places are you planning to visit along the Fraser Coast? If you’ve been before, where did you visit and how was your experience?

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