Cape Tribulation: A Little Piece of Heaven You Can’t Afford to Miss

If you’re travelling to Cairns or Port Douglas, you should spend some time further afield and pencil in a visit to both Daintree and Cape Tribulation.

When one thinks about tropical far north Queensland, beautiful Daintree and Cape Tribulation immediately spring to mind. Although they are two separate national parks, the forests merge into one. Nonetheless, the scenery and activities at Daintree and Cape Tribulation couldn’t be more different and both are unique and diverse in their own picturesque way.

While Daintree is associated with unique rainforests and wildlife, Cape Tribulation, on the other hand, is all about beautiful, pristine beaches. At Cape Tribulation, the rainforest tumbles right down to two magnificent beaches – Myall and Cape Tribulation – separated by a knobby cape. Here, the sealed road comes to an end, literally, and the beginning of the 4WD-only coastal route begins along the Bloomfield Track.

Discovered by hippies in the ‘70s, backpackers in the ‘80s and everyone else in the ‘90s, Cape Tribulation retains a frontier quality, with low-key development, road signs alerting drivers to cassowary crossings and crocodile warnings that make beach strolls that little bit less relaxing. Still, it’s a little piece of paradise that is waiting for you to find and explore.


Cape Tribulation Things to Do

If you’re wondering about what to do in Cape Tribulation look no further. Below is a list of things to do in Cape Tribulation that will allow you to best enjoy what’s on offer – stunning scenery and magnificent natural attractions.


Cape Tribulation Beach


At Cape Tribulation, the rainforest tumbles right down to two magnificent beaches – Myall and Cape Tribulation – separated by a knobby cape. While both have beautiful white stretches of sand, Cape Tribulation Beach is the main attraction here.

Long walks on the stunning swathes of Cape Tribulation Beach or Myall Beach are a favourite pastime of most visitors to this part of the world. Here, you can swim safely in the shallows of the Coral Sea outside stinger season, although you should be aware and take heed of any warning signs and local advice about croc sightings.

The main car park leads to both Cape Tribulation Beach as well as Myall Beach. It’s a short walk to Cape Tribulation Beach, while a trail leads for 500m over a ridge through rainforest to Myall Beach. You can walk about 1.5km south along Myall Beach (crossing a small creek) and return to the village along the Myall Creek boardwalk. Look out for lace monitors (goannas), bird life and the tiny mud crabs that inhabit the creek beds.


Cape Tribulation Horse Riding


Why not take in the stunning scenery on horse back. Cape Tribulation horse riding is another popular activity here as it involves a leisurely ride on the beach as well as a jaunt into the rainforest. This is one way to explore the natural wonders of Cape Tribulation. For more details, get in touch with Cape Trib Horse Rides on 1800 111 124.


Cape Tribulation Walks

There are several Cape Tribulation walks including one for every fitness level. If you’re fit and into your walks you’ve come to the right place. Even if you’re not, a walk along beautiful Cape Tribulation Beach in the gathering sunset is a must for every visitor.

Just south of PK’s Jungle Village in Cape Tribulation is the Dubuji Boardwalk. Accessible from the car park here, this easy 1.8km wheelchair-accessible loop takes you through mangroves and rainforest. For those wanting to explore the rainforest but not keen to spend a long time walking around, this walk is the best on offer.

For the serious and fit walkers the Mt Sorrow Ridge Walk (7km, five to six hours return) is strenuous but worth it. The start of the marked trail is about 150m north of the Kulki picnic area car park, on your left. The steep climb takes you through a forest of palms, cycads and acacias to a lookout (680m), with awesome views across windswept vegetation over the cape and south along the coast. If you’re attempting this walk, head out early in the morning and carry lots of water with you.


Cape Tribulation Camping

Cape Tribulation is very popular with backpackers making Cape Tribulation Camping a very popular accommodation spot in town. It has beach frontage and a good range of facilities, including beach showers and a camp kitchen with barbecues (although no pool). There’s a cluster of five safari tent cabins with fans and grassy camp sites.

See Cape Tribulation Camping for more details.


Where is Cape Tribulation?

Cape Tribulation is situated in tropical far north Queensland in Australia. In terms of distance, it is located 16 km north of Daintree, 84 km north of Port Douglas and 139 km north of Cairns.


How to get to Cape Tribulation?

Getting to Cape Tribulation:

From Cairns – Take the Captain Cook Hwy north to Mossman. From Mossman, take the Mossman Daintree Rd north and turn right on to Cape Tribulation Rd. At Daintree River, you’ll need to take the Daintree River Ferry across before continuing along the Cape Tribulation Rd which ends at Cape Tribulation.

From Port Douglas – Head north along Captain Cook Hwy towards Mossman and follow the directions above.

From Daintree – Head towards the Daintree river crossing and take the Daintree River Ferry across. Continue north along Cape Tribulation Rd which ends at Cape Tribulation.


Cape Tribulation Ferry

In order to get to Cape Tribulation, you have to cross the Daintree River which cuts across Cape Tribulation Rd. The Daintree river ferry, also known as Cape Tribulation ferry is a cable ferry that takes people, vehicles and cargo back and forth across the Daintree River. The ferry provides the only sealed road access to this area and takes about 5 minutes to cross the river. Operating from 6am until midnight, the ferry can carry a maximum of 40 vehicles. Expect to pay a toll for using the ferry services.


Cape Tribulation Map


Cape Tribulation Address

Cape Tribulation

Queensland 4873



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