• Features: Sunset over Pushkar lake with the sound of drums in the background
  • Opening Times: At sunset, daily
  • Best Time to Visit: Late October to early March
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Travelled By: Foot
  • Cost: Free
  • Address: Folla Sui Ghat, in front of Sunset Cafe, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India
  • Type: Lake

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There is no better place to watch the sun set in Pushkar than at Folla Sui Ghat, in front of Sunset Cafe. While we sat on the steps of the ghat sipping our juice, there is an option of sitting on the porch of Sunset Cafe with a drink in hand. Either way, the sound of the drum beats in the background, and the view of the sunset in front of you, will lift your soul to a new level.

Pushkar Lake at Sunset


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Pushkar Lake is considered to be one of the most holy lakes in India. This is because the Pushkar Sarovar (Lake) along with the Man Sarovar, Bindu Sarovar, Narayan Sarovar, and Pampa Sarovar together constitute the ‘Panch Sarovar’ or five sacred lakes of Hindu mythology.

It is believed that one dip in the waters of the Pushkar lake on Kartik Poornima (a religious Hindu festival) is equal to performing yagnas (offerings) for several hundred years.

It is a semi-ciruclar lake around which there are 52 ghats. The water around each ghat is supposed to have special powers. Tha Naga Kund is believed to give fertility, Roop Tirth gives beauty and charm, the Kapil Vyapi Kund water helps in curing leprosy, and a dip in the Mrikand Muni Kund grants the boon of wisdom. The other important ghats are the Varah Ghat (which is considered very sacred, as Lord Vishnu is believed to have appeared here in the form of a boar), the Brahma and Gau Ghat.


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The best time to visit Pushkar lake is at sunset. The view over the water surrounded by the ghats on all sides is picture perfect. The best place to view a sunset over Pushkar lake is at Folla Sui Ghat, in front of Sunset Cafe.

There are two options to view a sunset over Pushkar lake. Depending on how early you get there, you can either sit on the porch of Sunset Cafe and enjoy a drink while watching the sun set, or you can sit on the steps of the ghat, like most other people, and enjoy the sunset.

We would get a juice from Sonu Juice Shop and take it to the ghat to drink while watching the sun set over Pushkar lake.


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While we stayed in Pushkar, every evening we would head to the ghat in front of Sunset Cafe to watch the sun set. About half an hour before the sun would set, a local man would start playing his drum. According to stories, he has been playing in front of Sunset Cafe for the last 20 years without missing a day.

His beats were catchy that my body moved automatically to his rhythm, and I felt myself dancing while I sat on the steps of the ghat. His drum beat picked up tempo as the sun got lower in the sky till the setting sun was gone. It was quite a musical event leading to a crescendo of sorts at the end.

It is a great place to watch the sunset over beautiful Pushkar lake. While the view of the setting sun over the calm, peaceful lake is relaxing, the drum playing is upbeat at the same time, providing a combination that is soul stirring.


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