• Features: Cattle markets, competitions, music and dance, culminating in religious rituals for Kartik Purnima
  • Opening Times: All day
  • Best Time to Visit: 2014 – October 30-November 6; 2015 – November 18-25; 2016 – dates to be announced
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Travelled By: Foot
  • Cost: Free
  • Address: Pushkar Maidan, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India
  • Type: Event

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As much as the Pushkar Camel Fair is about the camels, it is about the horses as well. A big part of the Fair involves buying and selling of horses, horse competitions and plenty of horse parades as a result. I really enjoyed watching the horses in action, both at the competition and during parades.

Horse Show at Pushkar Camel Fair


[singlepic id=2657 w=720 h=560 float=center]


As much as the Pushkar Camel Fair is about camels, it is about horses too. I have to admit that I enjoyed watching the horses more than I did the camels. The horses were more active, performed tricks and ran fast.

There were many horses and camels for that matter, at the Pushkar Camel Fair, and this was for two main reasons. Firstly before the commencement of the Pushkar Camel Fair, a cattle market is held in Pushkar. This is where everyone comes to buy and sell horses, camels, and oxen. Secondly during the Pushkar Camel Fair various competitions are held for horses, such as dance competitions and best horse in a particular category.



We arrived in Pushkar a few days before the commencement of the Pushkar Camel Fair. We were early so we could watch the cattle market in action. This is also the best time to get photos as the place is not over crowded with people. As we approached the maidan (sports or fair ground) where the Pushkar Camel Fair was being held, the first thing we saw were horses. They were being paraded around by their managers who were trying to get a sale.


[singlepic id=2659 w=720 h=560 float=center]


Some horses were being made to run around to show their girth and running technique, while other horses were being made to display their acrobatic skills. I was quite impressed with both the horse and the trainer, as I have not been such a close witness to an equestrian event.

Above is a video of a horse being made to display its acrobatic tricks, as well as the trainer’s gymnastic skills on a horse.



On the same day, we also watched a negotiation between a father and some horse trainers to buy a horse for his young son so he could ride it at their farm in the outskirts of Pushkar. He got his son to ride a couple of horses in order to see which horse was well broken, docile and adapted well to his son. While this was going on other horses were displaying their gymnastic skills so as to get the father’s attention.

After his son rode two horses the father decided that either the price being asked was too high or that the horses weren’t adequate for his son. So there was no deal, which was disappointing as we would have liked to have seen a closed sale.

Above is a video of the negotiations between a father and some horse trainers, as well a display of gymnastic skills by a horse.


[singlepic id=2661 w=720 h=560 float=center]


Before the start of the Pushkar Camel Fair we came upon this beautiful white horse with blue eyes. We found out from the owner that he was being exhibited for the horse dancing competition and was a hot favourite to win.

When we returned a few days later after the Pushkar Camel Fair had commenced we saw this horse again. The owner was beaming as his horse had indeed won the horse dance competition a couple of days ago.


[singlepic id=2663 w=720 h=560 float=center]


When we returned to the Pushkar Camel Fair the horse competitions were on. One of the main horse competitions is best in breed, where horses are inspected for their quality. Their teeth, hair, shin, eyes, hooves and other body parts are inspected to see which horse has the best pedigree.

Above is a picture of the winner of the best in breed horse competition. He was the biggest horse in the competition and the way he was being paraded around was proof that he was a favourite to win.

Following the horse competition was a best in breed for oxen. Neither Graham or I were interested in staying around to see oxen being paraded around.


[singlepic id=2655 w=720 h=560 float=center]


[singlepic id=2656 w=720 h=560 float=center]


My favourite horse was a black beauty which we saw during the horse breed competition for 2-yr old stallions. I thought he was beautiful and was sure to place in the top three as he had a shiny black coat swell as bright eyes. Unfortunately he didn’t win; he didn’t even place in the top five which was very disappointing.

Nevertheless, Graham and I really enjoyed watching the horses being paraded around, the horse competitions and the negotiation for a horse sale. The atmosphere was exciting, upbeat and occasionally dramatic. It was worth going to Pushkar before the start of the Pushkar Camel Fair to get a close glimpse of the negotiations for buying a horse.


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