How to promote your website for free

The are many ways to promote your business for free online. You can sign up to directory sites and put in what your business does in the keywords and link your homepage. The smarter way is to find business & websites that have the same traffic that you are targeting and build links from those websites to your website. Remote Traveler is a website in the tourist sector and it would be appropriate to link a travel business from our website.

Remote Traveler can help you promote your business.

We know that connecting with your target tourist market can be difficult and we are here to help you. Simply create an article about your business and offer your services to this particular customer. For example:  boat transfers


How to promote a travel website

Simply write an article of at least 400 words about your favorite attraction, include an original photo and a link to your website. We will check the content and if it isn’t proper English we can send it back to you to fix. Once the article is published, we both promote the article via Social Media, eg. Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. This is how to promote your website for free.


How to promote travel agency

If you are looking to sell more travel to people who are visiting your country or region, the best way is to write an article about your local attractions. Then place these articles on websites like Remote Traveler and link this article to your website. This helps you to connect with your target market and also to grow the trust in your business for potential visitors.