Booking Terms & Conditions

Prior to booking, we recommend each traveler to read and understand our conditions of booking. Each booking is subject to both our terms and conditions in addition to the terms and conditions of our affiliates. For affiliates terms and conditions, please contact us or contact the individual company who is operating the individual tour.


1.  Personal details

It is the customers responsibility to provide correct contact details. If your contact details change, you are requested to notify us, so we can correspond with you prior or post your tour. Neccessary details to provide us include your name as per your passport, date of birth, passport number, nationality, passport issue and expiry date. Any medical conditions that you have that may effect your ability to complete travel arrangements must be notified to us in writing at time of booking. This may involve additional information requested by our affiliate partner. Your booking may not be confirmed until we receive further information regarding existing medical conditions.

2.  Booking contract

All bookings are made through Remote Traveler Pty Ltd. Remote Traveler does not operate any tours and thus all tours are run by individual Tour operators who have their own terms and conditions. The booking contract is not valid until a booking confirmation is issued by Remote Traveler and the booking affiliate.

3.  Deposit Requirements

Some tours have deposits due upon booking confirmation, with full payment required 8-10 weeks from point of departure. Many of our tours require full payment at the time of booking.

4. Acceptance of booking terms and conditions

Once your booking has been accepted, a booking confirmation can be issued by our reservations department.

5. Local payment

Many tours operate with an additional local payment or kitty. This money is in addition to the cost of the tour and needs to be ready at the start of your tour. This money is used on many items that may include tickets, tips, transfers, activities, food or other such items. The local payment component may not include all of these items. This local payment will be provided in writing by the tour operator and forwarded to you via email. This payment amount is subject to change and may change up to and including 48 hours prior to tour departure.

6. Cancellation by the traveler.

If you were to cancel all or some portion of your booking prior to the trip departing, you may be eligible for a refund. In some cases, your initial deposit is non-refundable (but may be transferable). Refund requests received prior to 31 days before travel may be eligible for partial refund. In all cases, Remote Traveler will attempt to recover payments made to affiliates based on their terms and conditions. Refunds can only be made back to the original payment source and cannot be transfered. See our refund policy for more details. In some cases travel insurance is able to cover your payment, contact your insurance company for further details. Remote Traveler do not provide travel insurance and it is recommended to source your own insurance.

7.  Cancelation by Affiliate

In some cases, our affiliate may cancel a tour up to 50 days prior to departure. This may be due to many factors, including natural disaster, terrorism, political instability and other external events. If your trip is cancelled, you may be able to transfer amounts paid to an alternative departure date or potentially a full refund. We are not responsible for any additional costs you may have incurred as a result of the booking.

8.  Changing bookings

In some cases affiliates allow us to change the name or departure date of your booking. This may result in an additional cost and thus must be at least 50 days prior to departure and in some cases longer. You may be charged an additional administration fee from airlines, hotel operators or other ground operators.

9.  Inclusions

Inclusions of trips are listed in the tour description under inclusions and include: accommodation listed as included, transports as per tour notes, meals & sightseeing as per tour notes and guidance by your group leader/s.

10.  Exclusions

In many of the trips booked through Remote Traveler and our affiliates, there are components that may not be included. These include but are not limited to: flights, transfers, local payment, kitty, travel insurance, optional activities, personal expenses, baggage charges, taxes, visa and passport fees.

11.  Passports & Visas

You must carry a passport with at least 6 month validity on many of the tours booked through Remote Traveler. In addition to carrying your passport, many countries require you to have a visa, permits and certificates for your trip. Although we may advise you to ensure you are carrying correct visas, we are not responsible for you being refused entry to any country due to incorrect travel documents.

12.  Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may be compulsory on many of the tours we offer. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to obtain the insurance prior to commencing your trip and you may be requested to produce travel insurance documentation prior to departure of your selected tour.

13.  Surcharges & quoted pricing

Prices are subject to change based on many factors. Our affiliates may impose an additional fee or surcharge due to seasonal pricing variations, currency changes, market conditions, demand & availability. Any reduced pricing or discounts that become available after you have paid your deposit will not apply. If you wish to cancel your trip to take advantage of a cheaper price, see cancelation section for details.

14.  Privacy Policy

See our privacy policy for more details.

15.  Age Requirements

Most of our trips require the participants to be over 18, although some of our tours are designed specifically for families with young children. Legal guardians of children are required to give consent to any children booked on any of our trips. There is no maximum age limits, although it will we advise you to speak to a medical practitioner before travel if you have any concerns. Please advise us of existing medical conditions. Affiliates may have their own additional requirements.

16.  Health Requirements

It is your responsibility to notify us of existing medical conditions that may affect your ability to participate in the tour. Please seek medical advice if you have any concerns prior to commencing your travels.

17.  Small Group Trips

Some of our tours have minimum group requirements to run and also maximum group sizes. Please contact us if unsure about current trip status.

18.  Flexibility & Combination trips

Due to changing circumstances in some countries, itineraries may change due to unusual circumstances. Please be aware that all itineraries are subject to change and are a guideline to the activities contemplated. Some of the tours are made up of smaller tours joined together where some travelers may have been travelling for days or weeks prior to your joining the tour. Contact us for details.

19.  Change of itinerary

While all trips and affiliates endeavour to operate all trips as described, affiliates reserve the right to change the itinerary. Please refer to the affiliates website for any changes to the itinerary prior to departure. If there are major changes to the itinerary, we will endeavour to inform you as soon as reasonably possible. Affiliates also reserve the right to change itinerary after departure due to changes in local circumstances or events outside of their control. Affiliates & Remote Traveler are not responsible for any additional expenses that may be incurred and in such emergency circumstances the additional necessary itinerary alteration cost will be covered by you.

20.  Acceptance of Risk

You acknowledge that the nature of the trip is adventurous and participating in tours does involve a degree of personal risk. You may be visiting places with different political, cultural, geographical and physical challenges that are different from your normal lives. Please source information from government foreign affairs departments and reports from other contacts in assessing the chosen itinerary. It is your responsibility to be informed of local conditions at your intended destination and it is your decision to travel knowing the information regarding the local situation of your destination.

21.  Authorised Leaders

Tours are run by a group leader. This person is asigned by the affiliate as the leader of the tour and the decision of the group leader is final on all matters likely to affect the safety, security and well-being of any participant on the tour. Please see individual affiliate companies terms and conditions regarding the decision

22.  Optional Activites

Many tours have additional optional activities that participants have the option of undertaking. These option activities are not included in the cost of the tour and although they may be organised by the local tour leader or representative, the contract for these activities is between you and the business providing the activity.

23.  Limitation of liability

Remote Traveler is an affiliate provider and booking representative. In no way are we responsible for the actions of the companies, government agencies or individuals. All the products available on our website are provided by Affiliate companies and it is recommended to look at the individual companies terms & conditions.

24.  Claims and complaints

If you have a complaint about any of the tours you have booked through our website, please contact your tour leader while you are still on the tour. If you are not satisfied with their response, please contact the company who has provided the tour within 30 days of the end of the tour.

25.  Application of law

The laws of Victoria, Australia govern these booking conditions to the fullest extent allowable. Any disputes in relation to these conditions must be initiated in the courts of Victoria, Australia. Affiliates that provide the tours may also have their own jurisdiction for their own tours. Please contact the relevant operator to identify the correct court applicable.

26.  Registered address

Remote Traveler Pty Ltd, 49 maribyrnong Road, Ascot Vale, VIC, 3032, Australia.

27.  Updating terms and conditions

Remote Traveler & Affiliates reserve the right to update / alter these terms and conditions at anytime. it is the clients responsibility to be familiar with them. The latest version of our terms and conditions can be found on our or our affiliates websites.

28.  Severability.

In any event that any item or condition in these Booking Conditions is unenforceable or void by operation of law or for any reason, then such term or condition shall be deemed to be severed from this contract. This term or condition can then be amended accordingly to such an extent to allow all remaining terms and conditions to survive and continue as binding.

29.  Affiliate terms and conditions

By booking any tour through Remote Traveler, the traveler is also agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of the Affiliate company who is providing this service.

30. Business address

Although Remote Traveler has employees working in 5 countries, our head office has closed.