Privacy Policy

Remote Traveler recognizes that privacy is important.

Using our service may require us to store some of your personal details and this document outlines how these details may be used and the types of details that we can use.

In addition to our privacy policy, when you are travelling with one of our tour provides, you may be subject to additional terms & conditions. See individual providers for further details.


Data collected

Data we collect can include personal information like name, email, address, telephone number, billing details and passport details. These details may be collected during the following processes:

  • Registering for our newsletter
  • Making an online enquiry
  • Registering on our website
  • Downloading information
  • Referring a friend or colleague to us
  • Making a purchase or booking with us
  • IP address and the pages on our site that it visits


We collect this data directly from work done on our website or via direct marketing channels.


Disclosure to suppliers / Third parties

Remote Traveler may be required to share some of your information to suppliers. The information provided is to allow the supplier to provide the service requested.

We may share some information with third parties in limited circumstances, including when complying with legal process, to prevent fraud or imminent harm, and to ensure the ongoing security of our network.



How data is used

  • To improve your user experience
  • To improve our service to customers
  • Google may use cookies to identify your visit to our website in order to target you with special offers related to Remote Traveler through their ad network. For more information or to remove yourself from this service, please visit 


Your Preferences

We allow customers to access their personal information upon request. These details can be corrected by you if inaccurate and delete it.



Card Security Policy

Remote Traveler Pty Ltd does not store your card details that have been used to make payment. When processing a payment, this is through the secure PayPal system and any card details are immediately destroyed following the said transaction. All payments have a transaction identification number that can be used to track any transaction back to the card issuer.