Remote Traveler Refund Policy

Customer responsibility:

  • retain proof of purchase
  • provide honest statements in relations to any disputes
  • adhere to privacy policy
  • contact RemoteTraveler with any disputes relating to RemoteTraveler
  • contact supplier in relation to any disputes with supplier
  • provide sufficient notice of at least 72 hours of any changes to tours, both day and extended
  • adhere to terms and conditions of suppliers

Remote Traveler will attempt to work with a customer to resolve any disputes. We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind. All credits are not transferrable and are to be used via RemoteTraveler network. We are not required to refund you if an item subsequently goes on sale from a supplier or is available at a cheaper rate through a competitor. RemoteTraveler will attempt to provide the best pricing available for all our customers.