• Highlights: Stunning scenery along the Great Ocean Road
  • Distance:  105 km
  • Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
  • Grade: Easy to Hard
  • Conditions: Flat to steep walking track
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring (Sep to Nov)
  • Facilities: Toilets & picnic tables at campsites
  • Start/Finish: Apollo Bay Visitors Centre / Twelve Apostles
  • Permits/Bookings: None required (booking required for campsites)
  • Address: Great Ocean Road, Victoria



The Great Ocean Walk is Victoria’s iconic long-distance walk from Apollo Bay to the Twelve Apostles taking in breathtaking scenery and stunning views across the Great Ocean Road over eight days. Optional short walks or day hikes are also available for those wanting to get a glimpse of this arduous walk.

Great Ocean Walk Australia: A Guide for Every Hiker


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The Great Ocean Walk is a very popular long distance walk along the Great Ocean Road and for good reason. This arduous walk is takes you along the world-famous Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. It combines fantastic views, stunning scenery and pristine wilderness along with a different and  unique experience to be had each walk day. There are places on the Walk where you will feel a million miles away from the world you left behind.

Whether you choose to complete the entire walk or just do a section of it, we have all the information you need to plan your entire trip. The information includes an 8-day Great Ocean Walk itinerary, a list of 14 short walks and day hikes, 7 campsite locations, shuttle transfers, Great Ocean Road walking tours and a Great Ocean Walk map.


The Great Ocean Walk

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The Great Ocean Walk is a ~100km long-distance walk that starts at Apollo Bay Visitors Centre and ends at the iconic Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road. If you choose to do the entire walk, it will take you eight days and seven nights. Alternatively, you can opt for a short walks or day hikes that cover a section of the Great Ocean Walk.

Along the Great Ocean Walk, you can expect to come across clifftop views, lush fern gullies and isolated beaches. Step-on and step-off points along the track link to the Great Ocean Road, creating a range of breathtaking day walks.

The Walk attracts hikers from across Australia and around the world, all keen to experience the dramatic nature and challenge of this eight day iconic walk.

Choose from hike itineraries of one, two, three or four days to sample the tracks finest sections or take on the great walk, hiking up to eight days, covering approximately 105km.  

Whichever way you do the Walk, it’s a journey of nature unfolding at every step and one you will never forget.


Great Ocean Road Walk: An 8-Day Itinerary


Day 1 – Apollo Bay to Elliot Ridge

Distance Time Grade Start Point End Point
10km 3 hr 30 min Medium Apollo Bay Visitors Centre Elliot Ridge Campground



Day 2 – Elliot Ridge to Blanket Bay

Distance Time Grade Start Point End Point
12km 4 hr 30 min Easy Elliot Ridge Campground Blanket Bay Campground



Day 3 – Blanket Bay to Cape Otway

Distance Time Grade Start Point End Point
11km 3 hr 45 min Easy/Medium Blanket Bay Campground Cape Otway Campground



Day 4 – Cape Otway to Aire River

Distance Time Grade Start Point End Point
10km 3 hr 15 min Medium Cape Otway Campground Aire River Campground



Day 5 – Aire River to Johanna Beach

Distance Time Grade Start Point End Point
14km 5 hr 15 min Medium Aire River Campground Johanna Beach Campground



Day 6 – Johanna Beach to Ryans Den

Distance Time Grade Start Point End Point
14km 5 hr Medium/Hard Johanna Beach Campground Ryans Den Campground



Day 7 – Ryans Den to Devils Kitchen

Distance Time Grade Start Point End Point
13km 5 hr 15 min Medium/Hard Ryans Den Campground Devils Kitchen Campground



Day 8 – Devils Kitchen to Twelve Apostles

Distance Time Grade Start Point End Point
16km 5 hr 15 min Medium/Hard Devils Kitchen Campground Twelve Apostles



Great Ocean Road Walks: 14 Short Hikes & Day Trips

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Although the Great Ocean Walk is a ~100km long-distance walk, there are several shorter walks and day hikes suitable for hikers who do not wish to complete the entire eight-day walk. Choose from multi-day hikes and casual treks that take anything from an hour to a day. There is a short walk or two to suit every fitness level.

For a list of the 14 Great Ocean Road short walks with detailed information on each walk, read our Great Ocean Road Walks post.


Great Ocean Walk Shuttle

Great Ocean Road Shuttle is a dedicated and independent Cape Otway based pick up and drop off service for walkers along the Great Ocean Walk.

Address: Lighthouse Rd, Cape Otway, Victoria 3233

Phone: 03 5237 9278  |  Mobile: 0428 379 278

Email: gorshuttle@bordernet.com.au


7 Great Ocean Walk Campsites

As there are many ways to do the Walk, so too are there many options when deciding how and where you will stay overnight.  You have the option to camp under the stars along the Great Ocean Road or stay the night in luxury accommodation. Of course you may choose to enjoy a mixture of canvas and/or comfort.

For more intrepid walkers there are seven exclusive, limited capacity hike-in camp sites along the Walk. These campsites are located in some of the most dramatic coastline settings along the Walk. The sites are purpose built, some have small group areas, and all are maintained by Parks Victoria.

Advance bookings and payment are required as there are limited spaces at each campsite. Visit www.parks.vic.gov.au/stay to book online or call parks Victoria on 13 1963.  Fees may apply for telephone bookings for Great Ocean Walk.

Night 1 Campsite Location – Elliot Ridge Great Ocean Walk Campsite

Night 2 Campsite Location – Blanket Bay Great Ocean Walk Campsite

Night 3 Campsite Location – Cape Otway Great Ocean Walk Campsite

Night 4 Campsite Location – Aire River Great Ocean Walk Campsite

Night 5 Campsite Location – Johanna Beach Great Ocean Walk Campsite

Night 6 Campsite Location – Ryans Den Great Ocean Walk Campsite

Night 7 Campsite Location – Devils Kitchen Great Ocean Walk Campsite


Great Ocean Road Walk Map

(download as pdf)

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 Great Ocean Road Walking Tours

You may wish to join one of our knowledgeable licensed tour operators on a guided walk, taking in the spectacular scenery and exploring nature’s drama during the day, and then be whisked off to your luxury, eco-friendly accommodation, where a warm shower awaits you. Enjoy a delicious meal, glass of wine or a massage and be ready next morning to tackle another leg of this great walk.

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Great Ocean Road Walking Tour – 3 Days


  • Experience the most special highlights of the Great Ocean Walk
  • See stunning scenery and a myriad of wildlife including koalas, echidnas and kangaroos
  • Two nights’ twin accommodation at either the Cape Otway Lightstation or Johanna Seaside Cottages
  • Pick up and drop off in central Melbourne

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Great Ocean Road Walking Tour – 4 Days


  • Four-day highlights tour along the Great Ocean Walk
  • Explore beaches, coves and spectacular cliff top vistas
  • Stay in comfortable 3.5 star accommodation and walk with experienced and knowledgable guides
  • Pick up and drop off from central Melbourne

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Great Ocean Road Walking Tour – 7 Days


  • End to end trip traversing the entire 105km coastal trail
  • Weave through stunning national parks, deserted beaches and rugged coastal scenery
  • Stay in comfortable 3.5 star accommodation and walk with experienced and knowledgable guides
  • Pick up and drop off from central Melbourne

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