Things to Do in Egypt

The list of things to do in Egypt is long and varied but most travellers stay for a short while only to visit a handful of the popular sights.

There are numerous places to visit in Egypt, from wandering around the bustling and charming city of Cairo to visiting the temples at Luxor and Abu Simbel, from exploring the underground tombs at the Valley of the Kings to relaxing at a plush resort in Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh. Whatever it is that you enjoying doing on a holiday, Egypt has it and more.

Egypt is the most traveller-friendly country in North Africa and the Middle East. Most of the Egypt tourist attractions are well connected by cheap buses, and many are also linked by trains and planes. Accommodation is plentiful, particularly in the budget and top-end categories, and decent eateries are thick on the ground in nearly every corner of the country. Unlike in some other parts of the region, enjoying a beer, meeting the locals and accessing the internet are all things that can be taken for granted. Pre-departure planning will usually guarantee your accommodation of choice, but on the whole it’s not necessary – unless you’re on a tight timetable, it’s usually more enjoyable to leave your itinerary in the lap of the gods.

Below is a list of popular places to visit in Egypt.