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Port Campbell is a lively seaside haven, home to world-class attractions such as the Twelve Apostles, restaurants and cafes many with views of the beach, bakeries selling homemade goodies, shops and galleries.

12 Apostles at Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Port Campbell started off as a peaceful seaside resort and the base of a small crayfishing industry. However, over the years the town has become famous for the numerous world-famous attractions located in Port Campbell National Park that the town sits within on the Great Ocean Road.

Most visitors come to see the Twelve Apostles, however, they end up staying for the sparkling seaside village nestled on a perfect pine-fringed bay. There’s plenty to do here including fishing, swimming and endless ogling of coastal scenery. Continue reading to find out all about Port Campbell and its many attractions.

Port Campbell History

Port Campbell was named after Captain Alexander Campbell who was known as ‘the last of the buccaneers’. In charge of the whaling station at Port Fairy, he traded between Victoria and Tasmania using Port Campbell Bay as shelter in the 1840s.

As the English colony grew, Bass Strait became a major shipping route and pastoralists moved into the area. However, it wasn’t until the 1870s that the town of Port Campbell was established.

Port Campbell Attractions: 10 Best Things to See & Do

12 Apostles, Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

1. 12 Apostles Port Campbell

The icon of the Great Ocean Road is the Twelve Apostles in Port Campbell National Park. These 45 metre tall mighty limestone stacks captivate everyone who visits. They are the highlight of a visit to Port Campbell drawing millions of visitors a year from Australia and overseas.

Loch Ard Gorge, Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

2. Loch Ard Gorge Port Campbell

Site of Victoria’s most famous shipwreck, the Loch Ard Gorge is one of the many special places in the Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia. The Gorge is a powerful and awe-inspiring location that should be on every walkers and visitors’ itinerary when visiting the Great Ocean Road.

Gibsons Steps, Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

3. Gibsons Steps Port Campbell

One of the best ways to get to beach level in Port Campbell National Park is via Gibsons Steps which takes you right in front of one of the Twelve Apostles. Take the gravel path from the Twelve Apostles car park, descend 86 steps for an unforgettable beach-level vantage point of jaw-dropping coastal architecture.

London Bridge, Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

4. London Bridge Port Campbell

Combine a visit to the London Bridge Great Ocean Road with the 12 Apostles for some stunning views of the southern coast of Victoria, Australia. Find out what makes this natural attraction so popular with tourists who come from near and far to witness this natural wonder in all its beauty.

The Grotto, Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

5. The Grotto Port Campbell

Not many people come this far but it’s worth taking the time to see the Grotto which is quite spectacular in its own right. The Grotto is a sinkhole geological formation and tourist attraction located just outside Port Campbell.

This attraction is best visited at low tide. Take the wooden steps that wind down the cliff face to the bottom, where you’ll be able to view the sea through the sinkhole.

The Arch, Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

6. The Arch Port Campbell

The Arch is another rock formation that is a tourist attraction in Port Campbell. The Arch is a limestone stack that is framed like an arch, hence the name. The lookout provides lovely views of archway that juts out of the ocean.

Port Campbell Discovery Walk, Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

7. Port Campbell Discovery Walk

Discover the heritage of the Shipwreck Coast on short walks such as the Port Campbell Discovery Walk.

Start the walk near Port Campbell beach by crossing the mouth of Campbells Creek or by following the signs from the Scenic Town Lookout Carpark on the Great Ocean Road, west (Warnambook side) of Port Campbell township.

Port Campbell Beach, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

8. Port Campbell Beach

The Port Campbell beach is one of the few sheltered and relatively safe bathing spots on a notorious stretch of exposed coast. The beach is a great spot for swimming, surfing and fishing.

Swimming –  Port Campbell beach has low waves, however the water is deep close inshore, so stay between the flags and away from the rocks to either end.

Surfing –  Although nearby Two Mile Bay is a better surfing spot, there is usually a low swash at the beach. Only in big swell does a reef off the eastern point produce a rideable left.

Fishing – The beach offers fairly placid waters, with the creek and creek mouth the most popular areas. The rocks are exposed and very hazardous and should only be fished in low waves, and if you are very experienced.

Two Mile Bay, Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

9. Two Mile Bay Port Campbell

Two Mile Bay is a 3 km long bay that extends west of Port Campbell. Unlike the adjacent coast, the bluffs here are protected by an ancient raised platform, making it a great place for surfing and fishing; however, swimming is not recommended here.

Experienced big wave riders surf the outer reefs off the eastern end of Two Mile Bay, called the Rifle Range.

At low tide you can fish off the platforms into the deep water inside the reefs.

Fishing at Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

10. Port Campbell Fishing

There are some good fishing spots in Port Campbell for those avid fishing enthusiasts. However, be aware that fishing is not permitted in marine national parks and marine sanctuaries.

Professional fishers launch their boats from the Port Campbell Jetty.

For amateurs, both Curdies Inlet and Gellibrand River are suitable for fishing. There is good ocean fishing at Newfield Bay, Clifton Beach and from the Port Campbell jetty.

Be sure to obtain a Victorian Amateur Fishing Licence before you fish.

Port Campbell Weather

Current Conditions for Port Campbell, Victoria

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Forecast Details for Port Campbell, Victoria

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Port Campbell Map

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Where is Port Campbell located?

Port Campbell is located along the Great Ocean Road along the southern coast of Victoria, Australia. In terms of distance, it is situated 230km south-west of Melbourne.

How to get to Port Campbell?

The best way to get to Port Campbell is by car or on a tour from Melbourne. It is possible to get here by public transport; however you will need to change a few times along the way to get here.

Melbourne to Port Campbell

Melbourne to Port Campbell distance – 229km inland via M1 and Princes Hwy; 284km along the coast via M1 and the Great Ocean Rd

Lorne to Port Campbell

Lorne to Port Campbell distance – 131km inland via Scotts Creek-Carpendeit Rd; 141km along the coast via Great Ocean Rd

Torquay to Port Campbell

Torquay to Port Campbell distance – 151km inland via Princes Hwy/A1; 188km via Great Ocean Rd

Colac to Port Campbell

Colac to Port Campbell distance – 77km via Scotts Creek-Carpendeit Rd

Warrnambool to Port Campbell

Warrnambool to Port Campbell distance – 62km via Curdievale-Port Campbell Rd and Great Ocean Rd; 75km via Great Ocean Rd

Port Fairy to Port Campbell

Port Fairy to Port Campbell distance – 85km via Princes Hwy/A1 and Great Ocean Rd

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